1. Paul Dallas

    Between Two Worlds 2023 (14-01-2024)

    Happy New Year, dear listeners! Here is Between Two Worlds 2023 - brand new part of yearly the best compilation series. Last year gave us very nice tunes & I very happy that a lot of it were in my favourite spacey sound! Prepare for 7-hours journey to the stars! Cue Tracklist: 01. Sunny Lax -...
  2. Archon

    OUT Reflex Blue - Positive Nature LP [Whitvoir]

    Just took a listen to this one today while driving...absolutely loved it!!! One of the albums of the year, currently sharing the #1 spot with Electronic Arts by Sleep D. Wonderful ode to the 90s. All tracks are awesome, but I'll rank my favourites: 4. Overview Effect 3. Paradigm Shift 2...
  3. psylicious

    Psylicious Radio presents: Rita Raga - N.A.S.A. - Barby - Unknown Reality

    This week on Psylicious Radio, we are taking you on a mystical journey of chilled out downtempo psychedelic beats. Joining us on this week’s show, we present Polish artist Rita Raga, Danish artist N.A.S.A who will be spinning a DJ set, Chilean artist Barby, and Swiss artist Unknown Reality...
  4. Enlusion

    Narel - Diary of a Synthy Kid (Artist Album) [Forescape Digital]

    Available for pre-order on Bandcamp now. Gonna be released on March 29th as Bandcamp exclusive for one week. If you enjoy music of artists like Carbon Based Lifeforms and Solar Fields then this one is created for you! I didn't think twice when Nick sent me this album for the potential release...
  5. Admin

    TranceFix Radio - New YT Mix Series (Inc EP 001)

    Hey guys, we are pleased to announce that TranceFix is now rejuvenating our Youtube Music channel and launching a new concept; Trancefix Radio. Here we will be releasing high quality mixes spanning across all eras and styles of Trance, Prog and general hypnotic electronic music, created and...
  6. marcopm

    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    I'll begin with my favorite chillout album of the last... 10 years I'd say. Absolutely incredible. Above & Beyond - Flow State
  7. Uplifted

    Accadia - Into The Dawn (incl. Remixes) [2001]

    'Into The Dawn' is a must-listen for any trance lover, especially the James Holden Remix and Accadia Club Mix :) Beautiful & inspiring classics from Michael Woods alias. Accadia - Into The Dawn (James Holden Remix) Accadia - Into The Dawn (Accadia Ambient Mix) Accadia - Into The Dawn...