classic trance

  1. GeckoProject

    Armin van Buuren & Benno De Goeij pres. Gaia - Megamix (Mixed By Gecko Project)

    Collaboration between Dutch Trance DJs & producers Armin van Buuren & Benno De Goeij. Started by Armin alone in 2000. The project was revived in 2009 with Benno joining Armin as a co-producer only. In Miami's ULTRA Music Festival 2014 Benno and Armin made their debut as a DJ duo playing a one...
  2. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Passion Podcast

    Passion Podcast 001 (23-03-2020) Tracklist: 01. Nu NRG - Eclisse 02. Nu NRG vs. Rob Aker - Visual Sonar 03. Airwave - Oyama 04. John '00' Fleming - 5000 Light Years From Earth 05. Timewave - Desolate World 06. Lolo - Extended Horizon 07. Estuera vs. Re:Locate - Palma Solane 08. Sindre Eide -...
  3. sashamlenik

    OUT Emotive Response – Emotions '97 [9300 Records]

    Release date: 12.11.2021 Tracklist: 1. Darkest Times 2. Reflect On The Past 3. When Love Is Gone 4. Dying Sunset
  4. J

    Julian Del Agranda - A New World [classic trance]

    Hola everyone, I have not posted on Trancefix before. But now I registered to share something I made. I try making trance with a real classic feeling from 1998-2002 era. What do you think? Maybe no labels will be interested with the classic trance sounds, but that is okay. I make it for fun and...
  5. Magnevi

    OUT Aerium pres. Avalon 62 - Yura (Incl. Magnevi Remix) [Legacy Of Trance]

    Today the brandnew Aerium (@jetflag) single is released on Legacy Of Trance Recordings. You might know him mostly for his ambient and tasteful downtempo trance music, but he also creates some great uplifting under his Avalon 62 moniker. And here is his new one! On the digital b-side you'll...
  6. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Fly:03 (10-05-2021)

    The third chapter of Fly has arrived today! 3hr of massive uplifting & melodic trance in one mix for the first time in Fly compilation series - from the past & nowadays. uniting it in one pure energy. Tracklist: 01. Solarstone & Lostly – Landmark (Club Mix) 02. Para X - Lost In Memories 2.0...
  7. Meh

    OUT Planisphere - Love For Eternity[Bonzai Back Catalogue] I am hoping this one gets released though @Hensmon @Gagi @Hot Tuna @Trance4m8tor
  8. olivercattley

    Elysium Residency : Anjunabeats Classic Vinyl Only Set (10-04-21)

    I was asked to do an Anjunabeats classics vinyl only set by the good folks at Elysium. I was nervous about it, because they were tracks with great memories and people likely has certain expectations. So, this is my own take on some of the best tunes that came out on wax during my time of...
  9. GeckoProject

    Gecko Project pres. Legacy Of Trance Podcast

    Legacy Of Trance Podcast 225 | Guest Mix By DJ Afterlife (29-01-2021) 01.- Giuseppe Ottaviani - Linking People [Vandit Records] 02.- Jon O'Bir Feat. Fisher - Found A Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix) [Liquid Recordings] 03.- Will Atkinson - Telescope [VII] 04.- James Cottle - Kesselhaus...
  10. Gagi

    Perpetuous Dreamer - Future Fun-Land [1999]

    There's something so joyous about the main lead here. It's so fun, but at the same time almost melancholic and feel-good...sort of a happy-cry mood. Amazing stuff from Armin here. And the Discended Fun-Land (the B-side) is also pretty amazing, and the vocal version is quite ok as well. What a...
  11. BS_BlackScout

    Armin van Buuren - Shivers (feat. Susana) / Birth of An Angel [2005]

    My personal favorite this year: Shivers (feat. Susana) (vocals produced by Adrian & Raz) Birth of An Angel (or Instrumental of Shivers)
  12. TomYelland

    Chicane - Lost You Somewhere (Inc Heliotropic Remix) (Xtravaganza - 1998)

    Original Mix Heliotropic Remix ROOS Remix
  13. TomYelland

    Chicane - Sunstroke (Inc Disco Citizens Remix) (Xtravaganza - 1997)

    Disco Citizens On The Train Mix Original Mix White Mix Mission Control Mix DJ Quicksilver Remix DONS Remix
  14. TomYelland

    Chicane featuring The Power Circle - Offshore 97 (Inc Salt Tank's Pacific Storm) (Xtravaganza - 1997)

    Disco Citizens Vocal Mix Salt Tank's Pacific Storm - Edit Salt Tank's Pacific Storm - Full Length A Man Called Adam Remix Red Skies
  15. TomYelland

    Chicane - Offshore (Inc Disco Citizens Remix) (Xtravaganza - 1996)

    Disco Citizens Remix Disco Citizens Club Mix Original Mix Natural Born Grooves Remix (Modena Records Release only) One of the original Ibiza anthems and one of my all time favourite records
  16. BS_BlackScout

    Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Incl. Signum Remix) [1999]

    You are becoming aware of yourself... As a gaymaster gamemaster. My favorite: