deep trance

  1. Enlusion

    OUT Enlusion & Subtara — Norscent (incl. Original, Heads-down Mixes) [Forescape Digital]

    Early support from John 00 Fleming and Daniel Lesden, who played the Heads-down mix in London 2 weeks ago and people loved it.
  2. Enlusion

    OUT Chris Oblivion — Lilium [Forescape Digital]

    New single from Chris on my label, his strongest track to date for me. This was signed after the first listen and released 3 weeks later.
  3. Chirs Milosz

    Chris Milosz - Nocturne Strings OUT NOW!!!

    I am very happy to announce my new track, it is the first time that I am part of a label and that my music can be heard on Spotify, I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Ormus - Nehorah / Akawi [JOOF Recordings]

    I though these were rather nice.
  5. Enlusion

    OUT Filth & Pleasure — Dream Sequence (incl. Enlusion, Tristan Dior Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    This is the first track I signed via Label Radar. Happy to release more music from Australia, this time from a duo called Filth & Pleasure (what an artist name!). I went towards the classic mid 00's Coldharbour sound with my remix and I believe that I nailed it.
  6. Enlusion

    OUT Slam Duck — Afterglow [Pure Progressive]

    I'm personally all over this track, I adore it. Instant top 3 of the year for me along with Basil O'Glue's 'Tell Nobody'
  7. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Allan McLoud - Lost Tracks EP [Allanology Records]

    Nice tracks on this one from Allan.
  8. Enlusion

    OUT Narel — Tensile [Forescape Digital]

  9. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Allan McLoud - Pure Emotional Destruction (3runo Kaufmann Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Beatport banner, kind courtesy of the Deep-Trance Beatport crew: Beatport link: With these Swiss bad-guys you can't go wrong, always delivering tech-floorkiller tunes, while still keeping it enough melodic, imo! The original, for those...
  10. Enlusion

    OUT Pico Boulevard — Society (incl. Facade, Nomas, Obie Fernandez Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    I'm personally proud of this release. Original is one of my favorite tracks of the year and these remixes are just amazing, everybody added something fresh.
  11. Enlusion

    OUT Enlusion & Soundbreeze — Starchitects [Forescape Digital]

    Next up on Forescape is my collaboration with the Ukrainian artist Soundbreeze. Alex has been doing the mastering for 99% of label's releases since day 1 and helped me to significantly improve my production and mixing skills through the years. We finally got together to produce this Deep Trance...
  12. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Airwave - Guru Meditation / Simply Deep And Dark [JOOF Recordings]

    The legend Airwave returns to JOOF, this time however showcasing his more energetic driving sound, two massive monster tracks fill this EP. 'Guru meditation' has been described by label boss John 00 Fleming as absolute heaven and currently his biggest track when played out. Still a very...
  13. Sleepy Robot

    OUT You Are My Salvation - Remnant / Desolated [Forescape Digital]

    When this man sends you his new tracks you get an instant rush of adrenaline, you know they're gonna be damn good. John Eriksson (aka YAMS) delivered these stunning slabs of Deep Trance and Progressive Breaks called 'Remnant' and 'Desolated'. No words or description needed here, this is...
  14. Sleepy Robot

    Simon O'Shine - Black Rainbow [Audioresearch]

    Tough but mellow, deep but simple, dark, mysterious and melancholic yet with a bit of hope on the surface... based in a different reality, deeply on a metaphysical level, where your fears might surround you - facing every emotion is the only way to achieve salvation... Take this journey and...
  15. Enlusion

    Pico Boulevard — Society [Forescape Digital]

    Remixes from Facade, Nomas and Obie Fernandez will be released separately later on. Huge track for me!
  16. Enlusion

    Rick Pier O'Neil — Haurun (incl. Nomas, Enlusion Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    Nomas delivered a fantastic Deep Trance remix here. Main banner on the Beatport Trance page speaks for itself (Second ever banner feature and the first main one). Next week label celebrates 7 years (which's insane to realise), that's a nice present.
  17. Enlusion

    OUT Tristan Dior — Circuit Breaker [Forescape Digital]

    Really proud of this one, Tristan is on fire lately with his music, no matter if it's deeper hypnotic progressive or tracks like this where genres collide and create something unique.
  18. Enlusion

    Enlusion — Nautical Twilight / Resilience [Forescape Digital]

    Short videos with the project files here too:
  19. Enlusion

    Basil O'Glue — Kodex EP [Forescape Digital]

    Here's the title track called Kodex, followed by 1999 soon :)