1. skyriderz

    Definitions & Char - All We Have [Borderline]

    Next on Borderline is John Dopping's track under his Definitions alias with a collaboration with Charlotte Victoria Rumley (Char), was included on Movement Vol.1, gr8 one from John Dopping
  2. sashamlenik

    OUT Definitions & Alan Ruddick - We Don't Need Them [Borderline]

    Release date: 25.11.2022 After huge first release "The Gate" with Andre Maier, Definitions (aka John Dopping) returns on Borderline. This time a big collaboration track with Alan Ruddick. Enjoy!
  3. sashamlenik

    OUT Definitions & Andre Maier - The Gate [Borderline]

    Release date: 10.06.2022 Another gem from Borderline. Collaboration track by Definitions (aka John Dopping) & Andre Maier (aka Alexei Reynolds / NuroGL).