1. sashamlenik

    Art Of Trance - Ricochet (Inc. Terra Ferma Remix) [2014]

    Good one from newest Platipus Music releases. Terra Ferma Remix just awesome. Original Mix Terra Ferma Remix
  2. Gagi

    Union Jack - Papillon [2009]

    Discovered this through a remix pack shared by one of our wonderful users. Weird way to discover a track, but fell in love with it ever since I heard it. So fun and original, vibrant and full of energy. I hereby Christen this The Tune of the Lord's 48th Week of the Lord's Year of 2021...
  3. Elysium013

    Art of Trance - Gloria [1993]

    A timeless classic by the legend Simon Berry. So many of his productions are just so good. The Clanger remix is also decent.
  4. sszecret

    Quietman - The Sleeper (incl. Man with No Name Remix) [1998]

    The original mix ain't half bad, but I prefer the MWNN remix by far and away. Such a good track. Original Mix Man with No Name Remix
  5. TomYelland

    Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Incl. Remixes) [1996]

    Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Granny's Epicure Mix) Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Moogwai Remix) Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Evolution Autodub) Libra Presents Taylor...
  6. TomYelland

    Terra Ferma - Floating / The Scream (Platipus Records)

    Terra Ferma - Floating Terra Ferma - The Scream Pete Tong hammered Floating, Danny Rampling hammered The Scream. Both incredible, brilliant tunes.
  7. TomYelland

    Quietman - Now & Zen (Platipus Records)

    Quietman - Now & Zen Quietman - Now & Zen (Earth Nation Mix) Quietman - Meditate
  8. TomYelland

    Quietman - Celestial Body (Inc Friends, Lovers and Family Remix) (Platipus Records)

    Quietman - Celestial Body (Friends, Lovers & Family Remix) Quietman - Celestial Body (Original Mix) Another of my absolute favourite tracks Platipus Released.
  9. TomYelland

    Art of Trance - Kaleidoscope (Inc Sunday Club Lens Over Atlantic Remix) (Platipus Records)

    The original mix is absolutely astonishing, one of the best tracks Platipus ever released. Original Mix Sunday Club Remix
  10. Uplifted

    Moogwai - The Labyrinth (Part One & Two) [2001]

    One of my favourite Platipus Records tracks. I think I prefer Part 1 a little bit more, but the second one is very good as well. Moogwai - The Labyrinth (Part One) Moogwai - The Labyrinth (Part Two)
  11. Admin

    OUT Simon Berry - Pangolin (Inc Remixes) [Platipus]

    The legend Simon Berry (Art of Trance) releases once more on his iconic label. Excellent music with his usual unconventional take on Trance/Progressive as usual... The Satoshi Fumi remix is so nice, what a beauty that is. Original Satoshi Fumi Remix Torsten Fassbender Remix