1. Uplifted

    Your top 5 Mike Dierickx tracks

    Mike Dierickx has always been one of my favourite and most productive trance music artists ever, along with Ferry Corsten and Airwave. If you aren't familiar with his discography just check his discogs page and you will understand why he's in my top 3 (actually my number one, as imo he even...
  2. BladeRunner_

    The Space Brothers - Everywhere I Go (Push Trancental Mix) [2001]

  3. MDD

    Push - strange world (joyhauser remix)

    1:22:40 it starts... Unsure of this will be released or not. Comments suggests something is happening with it. Interesting take. Appreciate it might not be for all tastes (never maess with a classic etc) but the Belgium duo are bring back an edge to tech/trance and this packs a punch.

    Extreme Trax ‎- Final Fantasy [1998]

    One of the most impressive trance tracks, i love this more than any other MIKE Push releases, imho this should be called 'the real anthem'. some weeks ago a teen girl played this at a illegal open air party, i have made a small video, but looks like i can't upload it here directly.
  5. Gijs

    Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) [2000]

    Truly amazing this one. That lead, wow!