rank 1

  1. Progrez

    Rank 1 - Conspiracy (2002)

    Great melodic trancer you can hear Benno's Kamaya Painters and Rank 1 sound in this track. I do miss this kind of trance where it was so playful.
  2. Pinguin

    Jonah - Sssst... (listen) [Smash Trax] [1999]

  3. Pinguin

    Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - My Enemy [Anjunabeats] [2011]

    One of their best works yet and one of my all-time personal favorites in modern trance. Taken from their 2010 debut artist album Empire. I personally prefer the Club Mix over Rank 1 remix (which is also good). :) Extended Mix: Club Mix: Rank 1 Remix:
  4. D

    Cygnus X - Superstring [1993]

    Great, happy track from trance's early days. I have no clue how Cygnus X created a "supersaw"-like sound years before that concept was invented. Somebody else post the Rank 1 remix.
  5. Magnevi

    Rank 1 - Multiple new tracks ASOT 950 [High Contrast?]

    The boys from Rank 1 finally made some new own singles. They played these new tracks on ASOT 950. No release-date yet, if released at all. But it's on spotify now including the titles. So here we go: Rank 1 - Translantic Communication [0:00] Rank 1 - Predictive Memory [10:00] Rank 1 - 'No name'...