1. Electronlyman

    Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix) [Review]

    Thomas has been known for his high quality Trance music, since about 20 years by now. His tracks have been released and played by pretty much most of the giants of the scene, like Tiesto, PVD, Ferry Corsten, AVB, Matt Darey and other main acts. '2v2', 'Alone', his remixes for the likes of...
  2. Hensmon

    You Are My Salvation - TF Interview & Album Review

    You Are My Salvation has been a Trancefix favorite for a long time now and we’ve always enjoyed following and discussing his releases throughout those years on the forum, so the announcement of his first artist album, Part 1, was great news and had a lot of us excited. His sound embodies a lot...
  3. Electronlyman

    The Digital Blonde - N3ON [Review]

    The Digital Blonde - N3ON, Album Review At over three and a half hours, this is Ricky Smith's third and likely, the last installment to the NEON series. The man himself started producing back in the 80s, his first release being under the alias 'New Egypt'. He has achieved recognition and...