Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix) [Review]


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Jul 14, 2020
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Thomas has been known for his high quality Trance music, since about 20 years by now. His tracks have been released and played by pretty much most of the giants of the scene, like Tiesto, PVD, Ferry Corsten, AVB, Matt Darey and other main acts. '2v2', 'Alone', his remixes for the likes of Chicane, Solarstone and many others from the absolute top, have been very highly regarded by the listeners and producers as well.

For the last three years, Thomas has been away from the scene. During that time, he's been focused on creating healing frequencies, also known as meditative music. Beside that, he's been giving healing sessions to people all around the world.

In addition to those activities, he's been expanding and sharing his music production knowledge with others, which became another important bit of making a living, through his own passion.

The subject of this review, has definitely been born out of passion as well. To me, it is Thomas Datt's opus magnum. It is the best work he's ever done, to this date. Something very special, and that's the very reason, why I've decided to write up on this.

To be honest with you, when I heard the teasers and demos, even the 4+ min one, I wasn't really taken away. I thought the production is impeccable, but somehow the depth was missing... Yep, the thing is, when dealing with tracks over 9 mins long, a 4 minute long demo simply cannot encapsulate the whole body, essence of a track. The whole foreplay was not included.

However, having had prior experience with other extended productions, I was expecting that in it's entirety, it would take me on a proper journey. The structure presented in the demo, suggested a fully unfolded intro and a progressive build up, were featured in the full track.

Feeling very curious, I eventually bought the remix on Beatport. I made myself comfortable, took a deep breath and leaned back in my chair.
Finally, proceeded to press play on the file.

The wall of sound came at me. Someone transported me to the inside of a spaceship. I sat there, strapped in, waiting for the launch. Something serious was going to happen, something really big... The atmosphere was special and otherworldly, in a liberating and meaningful way.

As the sound encapsulated me, we lifted off. I felt glad and privileged to have this experience. After all, not everyone gets the chance to fly into space, right?!

With Thomas Datt, everyone has been given the possibility of flying to space, for a mere $1,99... Pay once, for an unlimited number of flights! That is unprecedented. Believe me, you wouldn't want to miss on it.

The screen built into the front seat of the ship, was running VZX Player,
which further enhanced my immersion, with it's non intrusive, but highly stimulating visuals.

Slowly but surely, I was losing the sense of time and gravity.
Blissfully and effortlessly, we've been leaving the Orbit.

The weight of everyday problems and challenges, was taken away,
as I was being refilled, replenished with pristine, clean energies of Cosmic origin.

"- Hello, this is Thomas Datt, I'm your pilot and we're just passing the belt of Orion."

Joy, deeply felt joy and absolute, weightless freedom, governed my body and soul. I welcomed that. It was something, that I've been longing for, so dearly, since my OBE experience about 10 years ago.

We've clearly been moving through time and space, because my feeling of time was completely absent. That felt so good.

I could've gladly remain forever in this state, but Thomas was starting, to gently steer the ship back into Earth's orbit, aligning our entry angle with Earth's axis. We landed as softly, as one could have wished for, touching down almost unnoticeably.

This ship has been designed far and beyond the technology of combustion engines

- Bon Voyage !

I already took more than 5 flights, it's been a wonderful journey, every single time.

Thank you Thomas ! ❤

You're a great pilot of an awesome ship !!

Thank you
Landscapes Music for bringing
Thomas Datt back to the Trance scene ! ❤
Thank you
Dark Matter for creating the original ! ❤
You all made me feel something special ! ❤

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Jul 14, 2020
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Just wanted to mention, my reviews (since N3ON) are best read on a larger screen, like a laptop or a PC.
The format I use, makes the paragraphs look, like they are forming the sound wave of an audio track.
It does not look that good when reading it on a mobile phone.


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Dec 11, 2020
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As the sound encapsulated me, we lifted off. I felt glad and privileged to have this experience.
After all, not everyone gets the chance to fly into space, right?!

This is why I love the trance music experiences bro! I love the track just the same.