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  1. Horizons Landscapes Music

    TONY HANG Pres ALT MODE - Before The Dawn (Enlusion Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hey hey peepz, another one coming from Landscapes Music! Good buddy and surely someone you all know has done the magic by turning a prog-euphoric trance tune into a dark journey. @Enlusion's takes the full credit here. Track is now officially out on Beatport, please, if you like, do support...
  2. Hoplite

    Solar Alliance (Mikkel Rev, Ekkel, Oprofessionell) - HAMMARÖ-23 [Artist Album, self-release]

    1. Under Vänern 08:58 2. Further 07:32 3. Theories Of Atlantis 07:51 4. The Journey Continues 08:16 5. Do you wonder... 08:35 6. Subnautica 08:56 7. E.A.R.T.H 08:25 8. Tree People 09:07 9. Värmland Cruise 08:26 10. Billa 06:55 11. Transmodul 08:59 12. Lakeview 05:02 13. Return to... 04:17 14...
  3. Enlusion

    OUT Enlusion & Subtara — Norscent (incl. Original, Heads-down Mixes) [Forescape Digital]

    Early support from John 00 Fleming and Daniel Lesden, who played the Heads-down mix in London 2 weeks ago and people loved it.
  4. Enlusion

    OUT Tristan Dior — Circuit Breaker [Forescape Digital]

    Really proud of this one, Tristan is on fire lately with his music, no matter if it's deeper hypnotic progressive or tracks like this where genres collide and create something unique.
  5. Hensmon

    UTE Recordings ft. Teo Bachs | Interview

    UTE is an Oslo based collective which started out hosting forest raves in Norway, now a succesful and exciting underground music label exploring the sounds of Trance, Techno, Psy and Ambient. We interviewed Teo Bachs, producer, and one of the founders of UTE, to get perspective from someone...
  6. Hensmon

    You Are My Salvation - TF Interview & Album Review

    You Are My Salvation has been a Trancefix favorite for a long time now and we’ve always enjoyed following and discussing his releases throughout those years on the forum, so the announcement of his first artist album, Part 1, was great news and had a lot of us excited. His sound embodies a lot...
  7. Enlusion

    Enlusion — Absorbed Reality (Artist Album)

    100th release of my own label, can't believe I'm writing these words. With this album I tried to showcase all my skills and experience of music production. I wasn't inspired by any tracks whilst producing these 10 tunes. Ambient, Progressive House, Progressive Breaks, Progressive Trance, Techno...
  8. Enlusion

    Cosmithex — Polarity (Timewave Remix)

  9. Enlusion

    Facade — Razor Crest (incl. Basil O'Glue & Nomas, Slam Duck Remixes)

    Early support from John 00 Fleming on his latest 4-hour stream.
  10. Enlusion

    Daniel Lesden & Enlusion — Dark Entity (incl. Cosmithex, Facade, Fuenka Remixes)

  11. Enlusion

    OUT Cosmithex — Polarity (incl. Retrospect)

    Early radio support from Solarstone and Daniel Lesden. He's not planning to produce anything else this year so I'd be glad if you could support it on Beatport guys. Trance music just can't get any better than this. Let's try to get this into top 100 trance tracks maybe?
  12. Enlusion

    Dark Matter — Under the Influence (incl. Girl with the Rainbow Hat)

    Early radio support from Ferry Corsten and Solarstone.
  13. Enlusion

    Soundbreeze — Invisibility (incl. Serge Landar Remix) [Forescape Digital]

  14. Enlusion

    Enlusion — Night Stalker [Forescape Digital]

  15. Enlusion

    Basil O'Glue — Kodex EP [Forescape Digital]

    Here's the title track called Kodex, followed by 1999 soon :)
  16. Hensmon

    Airwave - Tigris & Euphrates [2016]

    Dubbed at one point by John 00 Fleming as 'the best Trance song he ever heard'. I also found it very special, unique and testament once more to the talent of Laurent. Enjoy! Original Mix
  17. Admin

    OUT Simon Berry - Pangolin (Inc Remixes) [Platipus]

    The legend Simon Berry (Art of Trance) releases once more on his iconic label. Excellent music with his usual unconventional take on Trance/Progressive as usual... The Satoshi Fumi remix is so nice, what a beauty that is. Original Satoshi Fumi Remix Torsten Fassbender Remix