Activa - Antimatter [2014]

Rob Stevenson (Activa)
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Perfecto Fluoro
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Jul 19, 2020
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Release Date: 21 April 2014
Label | Cat#: Perfecto Fluoro | PRFLU049

Veteran of the trance scene and a name synonymous with consistently high quality productions Activa returns to Fluoro with a debut single so luscious we didn't see the need for any remixes.

Following the release of his recent massive remix of Liquid Soul's single "Nirvana" (also on {Perfecto Fluoro) at the end of 2013 -- which picked up extensive support from Paul Oakenfold, Simon Patterson, Aly & Fila, John O'Callaghan, John Askew - and many more - Activa turns in a fresh new original called "Antimatter".

This is a classy debut and a sign of what's to come from Activa's highly anticipated return.

Awash with soaring '99 esque riffs in a 2014 style, "Antimatter" bridges the gap between melodic, GOA and psy trance while also keeping a foot (or other limb) firmly planted in the traditions of an authentic driving, progressive sound -- as championed by the likes of Tilt back in the day.

Also look out for Activa's latest compilation -- the 3rd volume in the Full On Fluoro album series - which is due for release in April.

Activa is back.

About time.

My personal TOTY for 2014. Also released during the time when Fluoro had some of the best looking covers in the biz.
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A big fan of this too. I'd consider it a modern classic.

Wasn't too keen when this first came out - felt it lacked a memorable enough hook. It grew on me over the years. The subtle techy climax suited the vibe of the track just right. The production itself is superb - punchy, atmospheric, dynamic. It wasn't overly repetitive and mundane as with most other prog-psy tracks. Stylistically it felt pretty unique too - it combined the best qualities of traditional melodic trance and psy trance.
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