perfecto fluoro

  1. sszecret

    Jirah & Magnus - Furthest Reach + Sinelock 2019 [2019]

    Released: 20 December 2019 Label: Perfecto Fluoro Cat#: PRFLU115 Blurb: Furthest Reach (Jirah collab w/ Magnus) Sinelock 2019 Thought this was worth adding to this here forum plot of land. Some may remember that Jirah remixed Magnus' 2nd Born (the track, not the child) on Borderline...
  2. sszecret

    Activa - Antimatter [2014]

    Release Date: 21 April 2014 Label | Cat#: Perfecto Fluoro | PRFLU049 My personal TOTY for 2014. Also released during the time when Fluoro had some of the best looking covers in the biz.
  3. sszecret

    John Askew - Plush [2014]

    Release Date: 14 July 2014 Label | Cat#: Perfecto Fluoro | PRFLU053 Blurb: Yes, this sounds like Johnny's other tracks. Then again, it does have one of my favorite release blurbs of all time. Posted mostly for the maymays, and definitely NSFW.
  4. sszecret

    Angry Man - After Dawn / Synthetic Fury [2012]

    Release date: 27 August 2012 Catalog Number: PERFLU020 Description After Dawn Synthetic Fury I clearly remember when this came out, it was like a record scratch. Besides the few who knew who the two behind the project were, Angry Man seemed to have come out of nowhere and just knocked...
  5. sszecret

    Magnus - Render One EP (incl. Render One, Marine Groove, Satin, Sinelock) [2014]

    Released: 12 May 2014 Label: Perfecto Fluoro Cat#: PRFLU050 Blurb: Render One Marine Groove Satin Sinelock As if I was going to let this section be without one of my favorite EPs of the decade. Still a toss-up between Satin and Sinelock for me, even after all these years, but...
  6. sszecret

    Peetu S - Mirage / Lost In A Better World [2014]

    I believe this deserves to be here, especially as a future classic. The atmosphere in Mirage in particular is fantastic. Mirage Lost In A Better World