OUT Airwave - The Last Dance [Fables]

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The Last Dance
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Dec 1, 2023
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Jul 13, 2020
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I'm so tired of these psy basslines that I lose almost all interest in a tune as soon as I hear it. Unfortunately this one doesn't sound like it will be an exception.


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Oct 5, 2023
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this is pretty good actually, flows nicely

to me it's weird to judge the bassline on its own, it clearly fits the overall composition well, most definitely better than any type of bassline that you could put there instead

also, for some reason I'm just glad great to hear Airwave's using some modern sounds and techniques in a solid way. with all that deep moody progressive tunes he's been putting out in 2010s it felt like he's got out of trends, which is, like it or not, bad thing for a producer. so I'm glad he's still on point, even though the psyish stuff is not the current favorite in the mainstream trance but who knows, Laurent should still have a great impact on the genre with his productions.


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Aug 11, 2021
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The percussions and bassline are generic as fuck, just like with the previous 2 tracks. But i kinda like what im hearing, its still miles better than the deep trance shit he has been doing for the last 4-5 years.


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Jun 17, 2022
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Nah, another lifeless/soulless sounding track from Airwave. There is no heart in these tracks. At least some psychedelic tracks have some heart but this one doesn't just like the previous releases on this label.


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Sep 13, 2020
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These psy-influenced track should have been out around 2018 or so...I guess they are all from that period anyway.
Now, this sound is not current and I dont find it interesting, there is no real melody anyway, so this time its a NO from me
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Sep 13, 2020
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The sound was overused back in those times, so I dont feel it, thats all