1. Progrez

    York - Farewell to the Moon (Club Mix, En Motion Remix and Airwave Remix) (2000)

  2. Progrez

    BT - Feat Kirsty Hawkshaw - A Million Stars (Includ Sultan & Ned Shepard , Airwave Remixes Myon & Shane 54) (2011)

    Airwave remix FTW - love that playful and catchy hook and melody. A Million Stars (Original Mix) 6:38 A Million Stars (Marc Simz Remix) 7:41 A Million Stars (Save The Robot Remix) 7:55 A Million Stars (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Mix) 7:53 A Million Stars (Myon...
  3. Progrez

    Capetown - Pitstop/Touch The Sky, Talk To The Stars (2002)

    Touch the Sky, Talk to the Stars Pitstop
  4. Progrez

    The Green Martian – Dreams Come True/Citybird/ Reality (1999)

    Citybird - This is a hard track to find I think it's on available on vinyl. Reality Dreams come True
  5. Progrez

    L-Vee Look Inside (Original/Fire & Ice Remix) (1999)

    Fire & ice remix FTW Original Mix
  6. Progrez

    L-Vee - Tears/Higher (1999)

    Higher Never heard tears before today an amazing melodic trancer
  7. Progrez

    The Lounge - Shades/Black Dress (2001)

    Shades Black Dress
  8. Progrez

    The Lounge - Free Your Mind/Flower (2002)

    Free Your Mind - Sample from the Matrix 1 of Morpheus speech with Neo Flower
  9. sashamlenik

    OUT Johan Ekman - Life Adjust [Regenerate]

    Release date: 22.07.2022
  10. Sleepy Robot

    Airwave - The Everlasting Silence EP [Bonzai Progressive]

    New EP by Airwave. Couldn't get the youtube vids to work but the full versions are on there. I like these tracks.
  11. BladeRunner_

    Airwave - God Surrounds Us [2001]

  12. Gagi

    Antidote - Cybernetic Desire [2005]

    Big stuff from Airwave and Marnik, as usual with their Antidote alias. Would die to hear Cybernetic Desire banging live, bet it's incredible. It's not very fast or loud, but I bet it adds a sort of not-quite-there energy, which in my mind makes you dance harder. It feels like a great build-up...
  13. T

    Airwave - Good Old Pal Anxiety [Bonzai Progressive]

    New Airwave EP out soon. I LOVE track 3: Then and Now (2021 Version) Almost 14 minutes of beautiful Airwave / Planisphere'ish vibes!!
  14. Meh

    OUT Planisphere - Love For Eternity[Bonzai Back Catalogue] I am hoping this one gets released though @Hensmon @Gagi @Hot Tuna @Trance4m8tor
  15. Gagi

    Airwave - Intro to Airwave [Vlog]

    Series in which Laurent talks about himself and his career. 001 002 003 004
  16. Gagi

    OUT Airwave - Adelaide's Voyage (Artist Album/OST) (inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean' book by Ian Urbina) [Synesthesia Media]

    In addition to the streaming links, here's the one from Beatport. More subtle and instrumental work from Airwave. Loving it! Wouldn't mind him switching to making stuff like this in the future. His musical talent really shines here. In case you were wondering how this came about:
  17. Electronlyman

    Airwave – Trilogique (Remastered + Re-Invented) [Review]

    Airwave - Trilogique (Remastered + Re-Invented) The legendary album from 2006 has been released (06.11.2020) on physical format once again, sporting new mastering and a fourth disc, with 11 all new interpretations, created by Laurent Véronnez himself. This is a limited edition release, so act...
  18. T

    Airwave - Those Silent Hills [JOOF Recordings]

    Quality production again by Airwave. Kinda lacks a main theme IMO. Still decent enough.
  19. Gagi

    Airwave - Flying Paper Planes (incl. Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]

    Yet another Airwave release I almost missed (thanks YouTube though!). I think this is much better than his previous one. Great production. The remix is pretty amazing as well, has some great atmospheres there. Original Mix Rick Pier O'Neil Remix
  20. Hensmon

    Airwave - Tigris & Euphrates [2016]

    Dubbed at one point by John 00 Fleming as 'the best Trance song he ever heard'. I also found it very special, unique and testament once more to the talent of Laurent. Enjoy! Original Mix