Best Trance track of 2020


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Sep 26, 2020
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On uplifting Alex Morph - Blue Bird is my absolute favourite although there were some good songs from Giuseppe Ottaviani and Craig Connelly.

On the deeper progressive side I am tornned between Tinlicker's edit of Children and Nikola Melnikov/Max Sorokin - Gods Of Hall, honourable mention for Gabriel and Dresden album that came in January, some amazing songs there.

On Psy Zyce just release a great track a while ago Distorted Perception, an very interesting release from Carl Nicholson - Inflicted on the edge of hard/Psy. Honourable mention for the great songs from Morten Granau this year.

On the techier side not too sure - maybe Scott Project - M(Metropolis)

I can't figure a progressive trance one right now I really like Elysium's debut song Moonchild.

I hate this kind of things, if it's up to me would be 5/10 songs every spot in top 3. Really find hard to choose favourites...


Jul 2, 2020
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This track stands out as this kind of stuff really does not get produced anymore, great tech-trance.
Mat Zo - Petrushka

Another great progressive track
Garden State - Surreal

Not really into uplifting that much recently, but this is really nice track:
Giuseppe Ottaviani - Not One Goodbye

Maybe not exactly trance, but has definitely trance vibe, cool track anyways
Tiesto & Vintage Culture - Coffee (Give Me Something) (IFK Extended Remix)


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Jul 13, 2020
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Mat Zo - Petrushka indeed one of the best tracks this year. Mat goes back to his roots.


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Jul 21, 2020
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So far my top 6 of this year are:
(in random order)
  • Neptune Project With Luke Bond & Christopher Lovell ‎- Orenda (The Digital Blonde Remix)
  • Asteroid - Catharsis
  • Activa - Repercussion
  • Angelica S - Behind Blue Eyes (Catching Dreams Remix)
  • Billy Gillies - The Beat
  • Karney - Sharon
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Jun 27, 2020
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Armagnac - The World As We Know It (Masterclass Mix)

Sweet track, love it.

Also @erickUO that Ezra track is very cool too. It has that Trance emotion, wish it had more Trance type of percussion/rollling bass though, rather than the techno high-hat dominance but I will take it none-the-less. Good share.