Factor B feat. Lovlee - It’s Cool To Cry [Theatre Of The Mind]

Factor B
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It’s Cool To Cry
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Theatre Of The Mind
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Z Dobrej Woli

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Mar 5, 2022
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A VERY important t-shirt & a deeply emotional record. "It's Cool To Cry" exists to normalise & empower people to be proud of their mental health.. Heaven know's this hits close to home for me. Grab yourselves a top quality t-shirt and help support + grow awareness of the ever growing amount of people struggling with mental illness. Link & info in comments 🌷❤️ #ASOT #FLASHBACK


itscooltocry.com - if you would like to get mentioned shirts ;)


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Oct 5, 2023
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silly shit, in all ways

I'll elaborate for those who might feel offended: it's cheesy mediocre music being pushed down your throat by cheating/misleading 'mental health awareness' marketing

overall this guy is extremely overrated and sooo taken care of by his management
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Jun 27, 2020
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'mental health awareness' marketing
We can debate if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

But the track, if I must, now that I'm invested, sounds like a mashup between average pop vocals and an average FSOE uplifter. Not for me.


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Oct 5, 2023
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We can debate if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
mental health awareness itself is a good thing, if someone could get help, or just realize the reason of his mental struggle that's a good thing of course

the thing is, it has nothing to do with cheap music, of course you can say: one gets to solve his mental health issue through the awareness that is spread, amongst the other means, by this track and its special website with some merch (you know, just every track produced has its own themed website and merch, such casual thing yeah) but it's not exactly the synergy like 'the track helps spreading mental health awareness and mental health awareness helps promoting this track' it's not like equal 50/50 symmetric scheme, it's like the benefits the track gets from in fact abusing the mental health awareness is much more significant than the track's impact to spreading the mental health awareness.

and once again how it's marketed clearly shows that it's all a planned campaign - website got developed, hashtags are thrown, ASOT guestmix is arranged in etc, it's not just some emotional record that gets viral because of how helpful it is or so. Gareth Emery's 'Saving Light' was this kinda track, it was also marketed as hell but it had its value too, it did not just pretend to have it.

another thing is that over 90% of the tracks could have this honest story behind them: I just like making music so I made this track and then I gave it some (random) title. that's boring and won't sell well, especially if the music itself isn't that fascinating, so there needs to be some story to make the track more 'meaningful'
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May 7, 2022
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I think this track is not for the audience of this site. Are there many fans of outright pop music here?


Jul 13, 2020
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I'm his big fan, can't wait for his set on Dreamstate in April but this track is nothing special. Waiting for his another IDs