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Jul 21, 2020
Please help finding 3 ID's.

So the tracklist for the first one says it's "Phantasia - Violet Skies (ID Remix)", but I highly doubt so. The problem is there are a lot of tracks with these lyrics, you can even find quite a few at "whosampled com".

It might also be a remix of:
  • Exit EEE - Dreaming Of A Better World;
  • G-Park - Come Down!;
  • Accuface - Is There Life on Mars?;
  • Pulsedriver and Rocco - Life On Mars;
  • Madame X - Dreaming Of A Better World;
  • Omega - Dreaming Of A Better World;
  • Mat Silver vs. Endymion - Violet Sky;
...or just some other tune....

Starting from 30:53 till 36:08

Second one comes from the same YouTube channel, different mix. Also aired in France many years ago. This one is a bit harder to solve cause the it's the last tune of the mix and video just stops near the breakdown :cautious:

At first I heard the sample "darling" at 1:24:32 which instantly reminded me of Delerium's "Innocente" but at 1:25:11 it says something else and I'm pretty sure I've heard that sample somewhere, most likely many years ago. Kinda Nu NRG style, I don't know...

Starting from 1:23:11 till the end

And the last ID, probably the most interesting here. Played by Paul Oakenfold, 2002-04-21.

At first I thought it's Airwave (as the beginning sounds like it has sampled "Airwave - Lightspeed" melody (starting near 3:56 here) but then realised the style of the track is a bit different then his usual though some elements definitely remind of him.

I have a feeling this is Robert Vadney's track (or a remix of his track) as the piano part in ID which starts from 3:31 reminds me of Robert Vadney's "Fallen Angel's Symphony" (starting from 1:56 here). The track was out on Perfecto label, which is owned by Paul Oakenfold himself, so I might be somewhere close. Might be one of Robert's first tunes/remixes of him which didn't get into the label, what you think guys? (full list of Robert tunes is available here) Also I'm pretty sure discogs doesn't show all Robert's releases...

Anyways, the piano is the only thing which reminded me of Robert, and this might be some forgotten Bonzai tune, Airwave's project, collab or whatever.



Jul 13, 2020

any idea what track Armin is playing here ? cheers :)