1. Sleepy Robot

    Dreamcast - Horizon Down [Forescape Digital]

    Dreamcast is back on Forescape with his long-awaited track called Horizon Down. As premiered by Daniel Lesden a few years ago, this tune has truly been on a high demand amongst the listeners of his Rave Podcast. Immense.
  2. Uplifted

    Paul Miller - Trance Fever (Artist Album) [Music En Route]

    A brand new 16-track-album from a Polish uplifting genius Paul Miller is out now on his own label Music En Route. I really enjoyed a track called "Razem" which is a collab with Marc van Linden. It means "Together" in Polish and it's absolutely amazing. You can clearly hear that Marc decided to...
  3. olivercattley

    Hassell & Leek - Anticipation [Tranceform]

    Label favourites David Leek and Dave Hassell team up with a great collab that sets the bar for their further work. Both impart their signature style on a fantastic piece of art that is pleasing on the ears and is certain to bring a smile to your face. Beautiful plucks and saw wave sandwich...
  4. T

    Chicane Feat. Máire Brennan - Saltwater (ilan Bluestone Remix) [TBA]

    Another classic remix from ilan :D ilan on FB: I just finished my official remix for the best Trance record of all time!!! @nickchicane “Saltwater” I’m absolutely honoured and can’t wait to play this one out!! ib
  5. T

    Above & Beyond Feat. Justine Suissa - Almost Home [Anjunabeats]

    New Above & Beyond. Quality production as always.
  6. Horizons Landscapes Music

    Trance.Com - 2002 EP [Landscapes Music]

    Hello again, Here's something "new" from my said a little while ago, we're going to push things slightly different with Tranc-ier releases (White background) vs Dark Progressive releases (Black background) plus, every now and then, an exclusive remix which, again, could be either...
  7. olivercattley

    Elysium Launch Night (Thrillseekers, Ciaran McAuley, Oliver Cattley, Will Rees, Shambles)

    Venue : Mint Warehouse, Leeds Date: Fri 13th Aug 2021 Room 1: Thrillseekers (2hr Set) Oliver Cattley (2hr Set) Will Rees (2hr Set) Shambles (2hr Set) Room 2 : Ciaran McAuley (6hr Set) Cheap Tickets ...
  8. T

    VA - In Search Of Sunrise 17 [Mixed by Markus Schulz, Kryder and Kyau & Albert [Songbird]

    Tracklist “In Search Of Sunrise 17”: Mix 1 – Markus Schulz Markus Schulz – The Fourth Star Dave Neven presents Ocata – Above the Clouds DT8 Project – Crystallize (Markus Schulz In Search of Sunrise Rework) Anske – Suncatcher Markus Schulz – Return from the Sand Sea ReDub – Sunburn Christian...
  9. olivercattley

    OUT Gayax & Parcker Montivero - Before The Light [Tranceform]

    RELEASE DAY IS UPON US!!! The long waited Collab between Gayax and Parcker Montivero is finally here guys
  10. Hoplite

    hoplite dj sets (blend of 90s trance/goa/techno and recent underground trance/techno)

    Hi everyone! Here's a DJ Set I recorded, inspired by a recent psychedelic experience. Perhaps someone round here might enjoy these sounds! :) Tracklist: 1) Nthng - Heitt [Lobster Theremin 2020] 2) Lund&Rønde - Poppy Fields (DJ Bondefars Enhanced Portal Mix) [UTE 2020] 3) DJ Eru -...
  11. Katadunkass

    TranceFix Radio #004 - "Embryonic" by Horizons

    The fourth episode is mixed by the founder of Landscapes Music label, Horizons. His music has solidified him as a progressive powerhouse with various support from some of the greatest DJ's around and he is committed to deliver pure, progressive, underground music. This episode is a mixture of...
  12. T

    Airwave - Good Old Pal Anxiety [Bonzai Progressive]

    New Airwave EP out soon. I LOVE track 3: Then and Now (2021 Version) Almost 14 minutes of beautiful Airwave / Planisphere'ish vibes!!
  13. T

    Armin van Buuren - Battlefield [Armind]

    Great kick, great vocals. I just LOVE this! Out now:
  14. Horizons Landscapes Music

    Horizons - Pokhara@Dawn (Extended Mix) [Landscapes Music 034]

    Hello again everyone,✌️ here with another release on my own label, this time from...myself. This release is somehow introducing the new music direction my label will be taking, by focusing on "more trancey" sounding originals (which will be for the majority my productions) and giving freedom...
  15. Meh

    DJ Massymo Tn & Franzis-D - Dark Planet (Deep Soul Duo Remix)

    One of the best remixes ever.
  16. Meh

    Watergate - Heart Of Asia (DJ Quicksilver's Q Mix)[1998]

    A fun, light-hearted track that brought so much joy. Still sounds fresh and young when listening to this. Remake of the Japanese track.
  17. Electronlyman

    OUT Rom Di Prisco - Spacetime Re-Calculation (Remix Album) [Bandcamp Release]

    Spacetime Re-calculation is a remix album combining modern production and mixing with the classic Rom Di Prisco sound of the 90s. It's a celebration of the past and future of electronic music while staying true to its roots. If you enjoy Rom's work from the Unreal Tournament, Need for Speed, or...
  18. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Fly:03 (10-05-2021)

    The third chapter of Fly has arrived today! 3hr of massive uplifting & melodic trance in one mix for the first time in Fly compilation series - from the past & nowadays. uniting it in one pure energy. Tracklist: 01. Solarstone & Lostly – Landmark (Club Mix) 02. Para X - Lost In Memories 2.0...
  19. Meh

    OUT Alex Starsound - Dwarf Shortage(Inc Digital Blonde & J Rogers Remix [Label Worx Limited]
  20. Meh

    OUT Planisphere - Love For Eternity[Bonzai Back Catalogue] I am hoping this one gets released though @Hensmon @Gagi @Hot Tuna @Trance4m8tor