1. psylicious

    OUT Coral & Lennielazerbeam - The Shape of Reality [SpaceWarp Records]

    Release Date: 2023-01-27 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU005 Digital Downloads Available From: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload Be prepared to get your space warped with psychedelic sounds as Coral & Lennielazerbeam hypnotise you with their dynamic synergy with, “The Shape of...
  2. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Steve Jones - I Want More (Incl. Remixes) [Lost Language]

    Already out since december but i heard the Claire's Accesoire remix in a Ben Lost set last week and i thought it was something worth posting. The original isn't bad either.
  3. aleexr

    RIGSON - Two More Weeks (Six Hyperslaps From Candyland EP) [Ganzfeld Records]

    My latest release coming in Feb on Ganzfeld Records. I hope you guys like it. I also dropped in a few download codes for the compilation - enjoy! You can redeem them on Bandcamp.
  4. Chirs Milosz

    Chris Milosz - Goodbye InSight [FREE Download]

    With this track I say goodbye to the NASA's InSight project, a mission that began in 2018 and ended in 2022 in order to study the internal structure on Mars. Cover made with Wonder's AI. Track created in Ableton. Bandcamp Soundcloud
  5. Paul Dallas

    YoDA - Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2012 Expanded (27-12-2012)

    Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2012 was the first part of BTW yearly the best comp. series. And it's re-mixed & expanded for 10 years anniversary! Originally it was in two parts - first part in EDM & second in trance. I decided to exclude EDM part because it was replacement for progressive...
  6. Chirs Milosz

    Chris Milosz - Goodbye InSight [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    With this track I say goodbye to the NASA's InSight project, a mission that began in 2018 and ended in 2022 in order to study the internal structure on Mars. Cover made with Wonder's AI. Track created in Ableton. Soundcloud Bandcamp
  7. Chirs Milosz

    Hello Trance crew

    I'm Chris Milosz, a Dj/Producer from Santiago de Chile, so far I have a track on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but today January 4th I present my new project called "Goodbye Insight", a hybrid of Breakbeat and Trance, everyone is welcome to listen to my content and download it for free from...
  8. Skylander

    OUT Skylander & Tony Irrmani - Midnight Flower (Original and Extended Mixes) [Synchronized Melodies]

    Skylander & Tony Irrmani make their debut on Synchronized Melodies with dream trance anthem called 'Midnight Flower'! Stream and download:
  9. R

    OUT A-Tuu - Element [Independent]

    Hello everyone, This is a new Trance song I have released today. Following the previous songs, Cosmodrive and Beta-K, I challenged myself to write a better song in a shorter period. This track from conception to release took 6 days. I tried going for a slightly more relaxed and ambient vibe...
  10. olivercattley

    Flashbacks Project 001

    I was recently asked by a good promoter friend for links to any classics mixes and a couple of months ago I had to wave goodbye to the best car I ever owned. The replacement was so old it only had a CD player. When I browsed the CDs I had in an old wallet I came across a load of old mixes that...
  11. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Allan McLoud - Pure Emotional Destruction EP [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hello again, after 3runo's single track, now it's time to welcome back again Allan, this time with a lovely, powerful and dark EP! It's now out on Beatport/Spotify/Apple music: Beatport: Pure Emotional Destruction from Landscapes Music on Beatport Also available via: Spotify: Apple Music...
  12. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT 3RUNO KAUFMANN - Senses Overload (Extended Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hello people! Next one coming from my label is a come back from F-Act under his alternative moniker 3Runo Kaufmann! Preview: Extended Preview: Now out on Beatport and Spotify! Beatport: Senses Overload from Landscapes Music on Beatport Thanks to those who will spend some time...
  13. Progrez

    Solarstone - Solarcoaster (2003)

    Original Mix looks like both Rich and Andy might have been inspired by Vangelis because I can hear Reve and Love Theme from Bladerunner as well. Midway Remix \o/
  14. Ku3bikomusicireland

    OUT Ku3biko - KILL3R (Original Mix)

    Hey, How are you all? I'm new here. I'm Ku3biko, an upcoming Trance artist from Ireland. My track 'KILL3R' was released yesterday on my Independent label 'Ku3biko 1ndependent R3cords'. Its a 140bpm Trance track with acid drops and an uplifting breakdown melody that would surely have the...
  15. Ku3bikomusicireland

    OUT Ku3biko - Far from the Tree (Original Mix)

  16. TheTranceHistorian

    The Mackenzie - Higher In The Sky [1990]

    In 1990, The Mackenzie released a track called Higher In The Sky. I think it’s fair to say that it was ahead of its time and definitely had a ‘trancey’ feel to it, but it also lacked something (well, two things) that prevented it be recognized as possibly the first (major) trance release in...
  17. TheTranceHistorian

    Rising High Collective - Fever Called Love [1991]

    One of the earliest notable works in the trance genre I can think of. I find myself regularly coming back to this one because its melody is so addictive and fun. It's not a pure trance tune but rather a record infused with many elements (acid, breakbeat, house), including a hefty dose of trance...
  18. Avitronic

    Avitronic - Some music I have released in the past years

    Hello people! I have an electronic music project that combines trance with other genres, I have released some albums and tracks that I would like to share with you: In this youtube playlist I included the last 3 singles I have released in 2021: Tracks from some older albums: Natural Collapse...
  19. Sleepy Robot

    DR S7R4NG3 - Lucifer [Infused Sound]

    2 new tracks , again very TDB sounding. I really like Daydream.
  20. Uplifted

    The Digital Blonde - Legato 22 / Callakuma 22 [JOOF]

    He's done it again 😍 Ricky Smith aka The Digital Blonde, the creator of NEON albums which are some of the best albums of the last few years, and my personal current favourite progressive trance producer, has decided to rework his timeless classic "Legato" which is my absolute favourite...