1. M

    CM3 – Solar Flame / Supernatural [1999]

    🎶 Hidden Treasure Tuesday 🎶 As some might no I have some little obsession for hidden gems, those tracks that really really need more plays. This time a massive double tracker by CM3, alias Rene van Dijk and Nic Vegter. Most of you know the last one ;) Rene van Dijk has done a few releases...
  2. M

    Hidden Treasures

    OK, I won't make a post of every mix series I do, but this series is my absolute favourite! :) Started about 3 years ago when I was full on the ID challenge on some Facebook groups. I always loved the lesser known tracks, to play as secret weapons, to surprise people and make them discover...
  3. psylicious

    Rigel - Magnetic Storm (Compilation) [SpaceWarp Records] Out Soon.

    Release Date: 2023-11-30 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU008 Pre-Order @>: Beatport UK Psytrance pioneers ManMadeMan lead us into the musical journey of “Magnetic Storm”, don’t be fooled by their chilled out intro, that catapults your mind into an infusion of enticing psychedelic...
  4. Hoplite

    OUT Various - TRANS012 [Translusid]

    "We present TRANS12, a fundraiser-release to manifest our support to Palestine and the freedom of their people. 100% of the proceeds of this release will be donated directly to NORWAC, an organisation who has been working with strengthening local educational institutions and health institutions...
  5. M

    Viagra - Secrets [1998]

    🎶 Hidden Treasure Tuesday 🎶 As some might no I have some little obsession for hidden gems, those tracks that really really need more plays. A really beauty this week. From the hands of Luke Stidworthy & Mike Cosford this is a wonderful melodic trancer from 1998. Those guys also produced the...
  6. M

    Off Line – Utility EP [1999]

    🎶 Hidden Treasure Tuesday 🎶 As some might no I have some little obsession for hidden gems, those tracks that really really need more plays. Another mysterious one this week. I actually don't think this is the Off Line 'artist' as mentioned on Discogs, but a release of M.U.S.E. & DJ San. If you...
  7. G

    High 5 - As Long As It Takes (Paul Skelton / Tomas Heredia Remixes) [Amon Vision]

    Out now High 5 - As Long As It Takes (Paul Skelton Remix) High 5 - As Long As It Takes (Tomas Heredia Remix) Early support from Aly & Fila, Paul Van Dyk + more.
  8. A

    Maracca - Invocation [1998]

    This is a vinyl that is very precious to me. Invocation is such a beautiful and mystical track. I haven’t heard it in many sets, but at least it gained some fame on Magik 3. The b-side features the smooth Chase and the driving and techy clubtrack Upfever Maracca - Invocation Maracca - Chase...
  9. A

    Central Love - Experience Of A Beautiful Rainbow [1992]

    An early Da Hool track with that fantastic oldschool feeling. Both mixes are very nice. The release is completed by Melody Of Darkness, something like a 'Storm' track on steroids. Alltogether a nice release for it's time! Central Love - Experience Of A Beautiful Rainbow (Somewhere In The...
  10. Admin

    ID Requests - Post them here

    Here is the place to post ID requests, from any genre. P.s sorry, I accidentally deleted the old thread and lost the posts. My mistake.
  11. A

    Earthquake - Noxious Guy [1998]

    When I was a late teenager, I used to buy those Trance 100 Best of the Best cd’s. 4 cd’s crammed with a total of 100 edits of trance tracks, making it a wonderful mish mash from the most cheesiest eurodance to progressive stuff. They also included this track from the Italian Red Alert label...
  12. T

    Konkrete – Law Unto Myself [2001]

    Such an underrated track with a wonderful melody. Released one day before the 9/11 tragedy! Instrumental version is easily the best version imo. The JOOF remix is nice as well
  13. A

    Magnetix - Sleep Little Angel [1998]

    Brilliant old track by Laurent Veronnez aka Airwave. Only appeared on just one compilation according to Discogs.
  14. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Calvin Harris feat. Sam Smith - Desire [Columbia]

    He's done it again. This is less Classic Trance and more Generic Dance/Pop/Eurodance but I think it still fits. The art for the single follows the same style as Miracle so I wonder if it's going to be an album full of Trance/Eurodance sounding tracks 👀
  15. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Sunny Days 6 (10-07-2023)

    Greetings in summer 2023, my dear listeners! When I only started working on new Sunny Days chapter, I thought - how fast time is going! It's already sixth chapter of it. First part as always with classic trance in summer vibes & hypnotic sound from the middle & end of 2000s. Second chapter is...
  16. sszecret

    Castaneda - Oceanborn (incl. John Askew Re-Edit) [2005]

    Cat#: DISDAR02 / discover DARK 02 Label: Discover DARK / Recoverworld Released: 27.02.2005 Original Mix John Askew Re-Edit (in later releases credited as the John Askew Rework) Just like with Floor Control, I prefer John's remix to the original.
  17. Sleepy Robot

    Blufeld - We Do Not Rule The Stars [Addictive Sounds]

    Nice tracks from Blufeld!
  18. Archon

    OUT Reflex Blue - Positive Nature LP [Whitvoir]

    Just took a listen to this one today while driving...absolutely loved it!!! One of the albums of the year, currently sharing the #1 spot with Electronic Arts by Sleep D. Wonderful ode to the 90s. All tracks are awesome, but I'll rank my favourites: 4. Overview Effect 3. Paradigm Shift 2...
  19. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015

    Here is - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015, brand new chapter of Between Two Worlds yearly the best compilation series. It's ressurrected Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2015, which was cancelled because of hard changes in my life that year. And now it's done with finest 61 tunes - from...
  20. B

    OUT Brent Rix - Catalyst [Alter Ego Records]

    Label: Alter Ego Records Release Date: 2023-05-22 A producer who needs no introduction and here with a welcome return, Brent Rix! Catalyst is emotive and rich with energy. Brent always delivers and this is another very tasty uplifting track indeed! On remix duties we have the awesome Varsente...