1. Yaroslav Kulikov

    Yaroslav Kulikov - The Way to the Stars (Single) [Digital Melody Records]

    Hey! I am glad to present you my new uplifting trance release which was released today! Happy listening and have a nice day! - You can also hear all my current trance releases in this spotify playlist -
  2. SaltAcidFatHeatAcid

    Atikka - Into The Heart Of Atikka (EP) [Mana Abundance]

    I am only aware of two original Atikka tracks, one of which was used in my second EOY mix (Slackline), feature on Space Trax' Neo Tokyo release. Definitely one of my fav releases of last year, trippy, great melody and unique. I've been wondering if Atikka would release more content, and then...
  3. SaltAcidFatHeatAcid

    Sevda- Foxy (EP) [Self Released]

    A nice actually trancey underground release. Quite a good one here. Never heard of Sevda, this release hailing from Georgia of all places! Sevda - Foxy Sevda - Once and For All Sevda -Sobashy Sevda -Short Story Long
  4. SaltAcidFatHeatAcid

    Prinze - Sex Wax (Including Remixes by Zaratustra, Fausto & Austher) (EP) [Self Released]

    We've share bits of this over in the quarantine thread but this one deserves a proper thread. Prinze has a way with summery sounds and his tracks are more dynamic than a lot of the proggy trancey housey stuff coming out. Gwadacid, the Zaratustra Remix and the Gwadacid remix are my picks. Enjoy...
  5. A

    Tim Worth - Trance Classics Marathon Mix

    So, years ago i made this 5,5 hours long trance classics set. With ambient interludes, inspired by Paul Oakenfold. I tried to veer away from the standard classics and try to tell a story with this set. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to your feedback. Tracklists 1. Art Of Trance -- The...
  6. AltAngSchmerz

    AltAngSchmerz - Sphynx

    In July 2023 I began production on this track and it took me a couple months to muster up the courage to release it. Inspired by my favorite duo Aly & Fila, Sphynx is a punchy and energetic track with a cool melody and some sweet 303 acid like sounds.
  7. A

    Viridian - Sunhump [1996]

    A very special track indeed. The original mix is mindblowing. Starting out a bit like a techno acid inspired track, this track transforms into a glowing and warm summer track with a beautiful melody. Fantastic classic release which has been remixed many times. It has been covered ofcourse by...
  8. A

    Trans-Lucid - By My Side [1996]

    Sometimes you discover a track that just blows you away from the first second. I only discovered this today. Belgian trance from the highest quality. The best version is the By My Trance version. The Club Mix is very nice as well. Well, just listen and enjoy Trans-Lucid - By My Trance...
  9. TheTranceHistorian

    Effective Force - Illuminate The Planet (World In Order Mix) [1993]

    This is one of the many tunes that was featured in MFS Berliner – a trance documentary from 1993 showing the early days of the genre with key figures such as Paul Van Dyk, Mark Reeder, and Laurent Garnier. The remixer behind this version is none other than Paul Van Dyk, and despite some of his...
  10. TheTranceHistorian

    Micro Cosmos - Cosmic Trax [1994]

    This is a short and really simple trance tune that pretty much loops through the same melody with some slight changes, similarly to Moby - Go (Subliminal Mix). What makes this track really stand out to me is how it makes me feel. It's enchanting, ethereal, and entrancing, It also has sounds and...
  11. TheTranceHistorian

    Lotus Eye - Enchanted (Komatex Remix) [1994]

    This is hauntingly beautiful, how have I not heard this before?
  12. Horizons Landscapes Music

    Horizons Presents DICHOTOMY - Stream Of Consciousness (Original Mix) [BANDCAMP]

    Hello! ✌️ this time it's another track of mine that I'm talking about, bit different than my usual style (142 bpm), for sure. ...but hey, sometimes it's good to try out different things before going back to your main 'Horizons' moniker, I suppose. This track will therefore be out via BandCamp...
  13. Trance-M

    Lisaya - Love Of Yesterday (Extended Mix) [Ablazing Records]

    First release at Rene Ablaze's label Ablazing Records for the Dutch producer Lisaya with a beautiful vocal track:
  14. SaltAcidFatHeatAcid

    Breeder - Twilo, Tyrantanic, Twilo Thunder Remixes (EP) [HOOJ Tunes]

    Someone posted that the stems were available for a few classic Breeder tracks. The remixes below were the voted best of the results people came up with. Hard to choose a favorite, they are definitely unique and have their own vibe. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the remix of The...
  15. matt.asot11

    Armin van Buuren & Gryffin - What Took You So Long [Armada Music]

  16. matt.asot11

    Armin van Buuren x Hardwell - ID (FOLLOW THE LIGHT?)

    Armin played the song at Untold in Dubai on Thursday, and Hardwell played it on Friday 🔥🔥🔥
  17. TJY001

    Tom Yelland - The Journey (Episode 187)

    1. Tilt featuring Zee - Butterfly (Mechanism Mix) 2. Marcos - Odyssey (Alternate Mix) 3. Sunda & ByDesign - Pillars 4. Sunbeam - Outside World (Bart Skilz & Weska Remix) 5. Trance Wax - Distance (Coast 2 Coast Remix) 6. Transa - Carla's Theme (@EnigmaState Remix) 7. Activa & John Dopping - It...
  18. 0

    0552 - Honeymoon Phase - very first hardtrance record

    Hello world! My name is Ihor, I am Kyiv-based dj and music producer. I would like to share my trance single with those who might be interested in. I decided to upload it on my SoundCloud page only as I don't have any significant experience yet and I am going to attract as many fans of...
  19. TheTranceHistorian

    Legend B. - End Of A Season (Aural Edit) [1993]

    People often talk about Lost In Love (Sysex Style-Mix) from Legend B. as one of the earlier hard trance tracks, which I always find a little strange, considering it's just as techno (if not more) as hard trance. Yet, somehow people forget or don't even know about this track, End Of Season, which...
  20. T

    Stiky Flaw - Bright Lights

    This is imo the best and most underrated recent release please comment some similar tracks