1. Skylander

    Skylander - Beauty Of Asia (EP Album) [Self-Release]

    The completed oldschool-styled trance album from an amateur producer under Skylander nickname. The details about vinyl press campaign will be updated soon) Link to the tracks: Featured artist: Smug peanut. His channel:
  2. starship_universe

    Dub Files - Vol 1 (Alphabet City Progressive) [2004]

    Wonderful EP
  3. Br8k L3gnd

    Br8k L3gnd - Boarding Pass (Single) 8l3gnd records

    This is my new tune. Its a bit of a mix between trance and rave. Hope you enjoy
  4. TomYelland

    Siskin - Never Alone (Black Hole Recordings)

    One of the best pure progressive tracks I've heard in absolutely ages. Cannot wait to get this!
  5. Tievb21

    Aurosonic & Susana - Weather The Storm [RazNitzanMusic]

    As always his progressive vocal productions are sublime imo, underrated producer.
  6. Br8k L3gnd

    Br8k L3gnd - Ascent (Single) 8l3gnd records

    Hope you enjoy this one. I have it on Soundcloud now and in streaming/stores Friday
  7. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Passion Podcast

    Passion Podcast 001 (23-03-2020) Tracklist: 01. Nu NRG - Eclisse 02. Nu NRG vs. Rob Aker - Visual Sonar 03. Airwave - Oyama 04. John '00' Fleming - 5000 Light Years From Earth 05. Timewave - Desolate World 06. Lolo - Extended Horizon 07. Estuera vs. Re:Locate - Palma Solane 08. Sindre Eide -...
  8. cloudofsilence

    DeeAnork - Mercenary (Single) [Cloud Of Silence]

    Hey friends! DeeAnork - Mercenary single is out on Beatport! Grab your copy and stream on Spotify, Deezer or Tidal! DeeAnork - Mercenary [COS240] DeeAnork - Mercenary For full track previews and lowest market prices check out our Bandcamp...
  9. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Horizons - Night on Fraser Island (Extended Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 040]

    Hello guys, 👋 After a few dark prog house EPs, it's once again time for some more tranzy vibes on my label: here's a new one of mine. Style: Dark Prog/uplifting Trance. Extended premiere: Available on Beatport: 👉 Beatport Pre Order 👈 Again, open to any feedback, I got already some...
  10. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Narel & Cosmithex - Endgame [Forescape Digital]

    Great release on Forescape from Narel and Cosmithex. You can hear the influences of both.
  11. cloudofsilence

    Ivan Androyna - Living In Dreams (Single) [Cloud Of Silence]

    Hey friends! Ivan Androyna - Living In Dreams single is out on Beatport! Grab your copy and stream on Spotify, Deezer or Tidal! Ivan Androyna - Living In Dreams [COS237] Ivan Androyna - Living in dreams For full track previews and...
  12. Tievb21

    OUT Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - My Enemy (gardenstate Remix) [Anjunabeats]

    ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ gardenstate are neat!
  13. Tievb21

    Robert Vadney - Nightmare (EP)

  14. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Passion Podcast 030 (Halloween 2021 Special)(30-10-2021)

    Today's Passion Podcast very special Halloween 2021 episode. It's very first time, when I make something special for this very popular & bright holiday rooted in old Celtic traditions. In this episode I choose dark athmospheric psy & tech-trance with techno & hard-trance elements, recorded in...
  15. L

    GEORGIY LEVVI - Andromeda [TRANCE]

    Hello! New release by SOUND PRODUCER OF TRANCE MUSIC: GEOGRIY LEVVI «Andromeda».
  16. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Passion Podcast 029 (18-10-2021)

    Today's Passion Podcast episode new tunes from The Digital Blonde (from finest album N3ON), Boris Brejcha, ARTBAT, gardenstate, Genix (from album 199X), second my favourite tune from new Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance Forever albom & second hour full of uplifting trance on high bpm speed...
  17. Sleepy Robot

    Dreamcast - Horizon Down [Forescape Digital]

    Dreamcast is back on Forescape with his long-awaited track called Horizon Down. As premiered by Daniel Lesden a few years ago, this tune has truly been on a high demand amongst the listeners of his Rave Podcast. Immense.
  18. Uplifted

    OUT Paul Miller - Trance Fever (Artist Album) [Music En Route]

    A brand new 16-track-album from a Polish uplifting genius Paul Miller is out now on his own label Music En Route. I really enjoyed a track called "Razem" which is a collab with Marc van Linden. It means "Together" in Polish and it's absolutely amazing. You can clearly hear that Marc decided to...
  19. olivercattley

    Hassell & Leek - Anticipation [Tranceform]

    Label favourites David Leek and Dave Hassell team up with a great collab that sets the bar for their further work. Both impart their signature style on a fantastic piece of art that is pleasing on the ears and is certain to bring a smile to your face. Beautiful plucks and saw wave sandwich...