1. Sleepy Robot

    DR S7R4NG3 - Lucifer [Infused Sound]

    2 new tracks , again very TDB sounding. I really like Daydream.
  2. Uplifted

    The Digital Blonde - Legato 22 / Callakuma 22 [JOOF]

    He's done it again 😍 Ricky Smith aka The Digital Blonde, the creator of NEON albums which are some of the best albums of the last few years, and my personal current favourite progressive trance producer, has decided to rework his timeless classic "Legato" which is my absolute favourite...
  3. BS_BlackScout

    Who's your favorite Artist / Trance Producer who "plays it safe"?

    We all know them, same-y style on almost every track, similar presets, similar structures, but you still manage to get a kick (hah) out of their tracks. Any examples? I'll start: For me it could be all of early Above & Beyond but they have changed a lot over time so I'll stick with Aly & Fila...
  4. S

    OUT Stevy Forello - Never Let Me Go (Incl DRYM remix) [Serendipity Muzik / BlackHole]

    Hello everyone, Thanks for clicking around, new music from myself coming up! Amazing remix from DRYM here, really happy with their work. Pre-order and low quality samples available on Beatport. Thanks for checking! Stevy Forello debuts on Serendipity with Never Let Me Go a powerful trance...
  5. P

    Iio - Rapture (Includes Original, Deep Dish, Riva, Paul van Dyk, John Creamer & Stephane K. Remix and Armin van Buuren remix) (2001)

    Beautiful EP All orginal and remixes are wonderful. Ah I miss the days of when the entire EP were really good. The original video contains Gujarati as a language as a sub text. Original Vocal Mix Deep Dish Space Remix Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K. Remix) (feat. Nadia Ali) Riva...
  6. Tievb21

    VA - In Search Of Sunrise 18 (Mixed by Markus Schulz, Matt Fax and Dennis Sheperd) [Songbird]

    Tracklist Mix 1 - Markus Schulz 01. Markus Schulz - When the Light Breaks in Sarmi 02. Emma Hewitt x Markus Schulz - Into My Arms 03. Will Atkinson - Pipe Dreams (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 04. Kyau & Albert - Falling Anywhere (David Broaders Remix) 05. Markus Schulz x Ferry Corsten - Equinox 06...
  7. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT The Boy From The Future - Lights Off (Horizons Darker Rework) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 050]

    Hello guys, ✌️ I'm finally celebrating my first 50 releases and wanted to do something special. Official preview is now uploaded on SoundCloud, while already on Promo for some days and it'll be out on Beatport & Spotify from Sept 15th. (Pre-order to start in a couple of days). I know...
  8. T

    Christian Rusch presents Alias - Mississippi / Missouri [2002]

    Two of the best unreleased trance tracks i have ever heard. Fucking amazing stuff, both of these has been in my playlist for 20 years now.
  9. P

    Capetown - Pitstop/Touch The Sky, Talk To The Stars (2002)

    Touch the Sky, Talk to the Stars Pitstop
  10. T

    Joker Jam - Traffic [2002]

    One of my all time favorites, rarely mentioned anywhere.
  11. Uplifted

    Enigma State - New Original [Atari Trancer]

    Another fantastic track from Nath Stealy aka @EnigmaState - this time produced entirely on the Atari 1040 STE with Cubase 3! Enigma State - New Original [Atari Trancer] What an amazing breakdown \o/ \o/ \o/ Sounds like 2003-2006 Somatic Sense, or Fenology stuff to me 😍
  12. P

    Hemstock & Jennings - Crimson Soil / Automatic (2002)

    Crimson Soil - This one is very uplifting - I miss this summery sound Automatic - very cool lovely progressive track with a lovely groove never heard it before today.
  13. psylicious

    OUT CORAL - Sky Dancer [SpaceWarp Records]

    Release Date: 2022-07-05 Label: SpaceWarp Records Catalog: SPARMU003 Digital Downloads Buy Here: Bandcamp - Beatport - Junodownload Be prepared to get your space warped as USA psytrance producer CORAL raises the bar once again, as she reaches for the skies with her newest release “SKY...
  14. FSOEBirmingham

    Marc van Linden & Andrew Robbixen - Fly With Us [Vandit]

    Out 10th June. Currently on promo release. Expect uplifting Trance at it's finest! Will post Beatport link when Live.
  15. Sleepy Robot

    OUT DR S7R4NG3 & Alex Starsound - The 8 Tones (incl. Alice London, Hedustma & The Digital Blonde Remix et al.) [Infused Sound]

    There are 8 remixes but there seems to be no original mix but that's usually the case with these Alex Starsound releases. I mainly like the chapter 1, 4 , 7 and 8 mixes.
  16. Gagi

    Technology - Electronicly Entertained [1996]

    A stunning pair of tracks made in collaboration between Geert den Heijer (AKA Red) and Armin van Buuren (AKA Armin van Buuren). Armin's tracks from that period are massively overlooked, yet stunning in their own ways. Just listen to both tracks, what a strong release. Beautiful music. I cannot...
  17. FSOEBirmingham

    Kinetica - Star Slide [FSOE]

    Beatport: Star Slide from FSOE on Beatport Youtube: Release Date: 09th May, 2022.
  18. FSOEBirmingham

    Zebar - Revolution [FSOE Clandestine]

    Beatport: Revolution from FSOE Clandestine on Beatport New release forthcoming on FSOE Clandestine. Out 15th April, 2022.