1. Electronlyman

    Tracks That You Play In Particular Order (Creating Journeys)

    I love making playlists and creating journeys through careful selection of the tracks' order. Which tracks would you play one after another and why? Here's three tracks that I love playing in this particular order: Airwave - I Want To Believe (Dolphin Mix) Followed by Schiller - Das...
  2. Gagi

    Starecase - Hopeless [2001]

    What a lovely, lovely track. So simple, yet amazing. Feels so warm and magical. Bring chords back!!!
  3. Enlusion

    Horizons — The Mind Flayer (incl. Cosmithex, Timewave Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

  4. olivercattley

    Oliver Cattley - Lost In Translation [Tranceform] **FREE DOWNLOAD **

    Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to vote for me in the poll this year! Here's a free track for you ::
  5. flund

    OUT Flund - Too Far Away [Yeiskomp Records]

    Shameless self promotion-alert! I produced this track for my better half as we're in different countries, and thus can't see each other due to the current situation. I hope it brings some joy to your speakers :) Exclusive date (Beatport): 08.11.2020 Release date (All Stores): 22.11.2020
  6. Progrez

    OUT Eternal Sun Records (Return of 2002/2003 Hard Trance/Hard Style sound)

    Back to the sounds of 2002 \o/
  7. AlterEgoRecords

    Duncan Newell vs LaChance - Visions Of Disorder

    Label boss Duncan Newell joins forces with US talent LaChance to bring you their "Visions of Disorder"!!! A slamming hard edged track with influences from Hard House and Hard Trance. The bass line is floor rumbling and rolls with fierce energy and is accompanied by a plethora of intricate...
  8. AlterEgoRecords

    Greetings Everyone

    Hello Everyone, Sending you a lot of love & positive vibes on behalf of the Alter Ego Music group. As most of you know, we're a Trance & Progressive label based in the UK! For 15 years we have been bringing you the best in Trance and Progressive from up and coming talent around the world. Many...
  9. olivercattley

    Jamieson & Lamb - Looking At The Moon (Remixes) [Tranceform]

    We were absolutely blown away by the number of entries and also the high calibre of the productions received for this remix competition. We would like to personally thank everyone who took the time to enter and we apologise that we couldn't give everyone individual feedback. First up we have the...
  10. Hensmon

    Richie Blacker - Summer of Rave EP [Of Unsound Mind]

    More Trance/Breaks/Oldschool music, and just like Trance Wax he is from Belfast. Personally I really like this stuff. Summer of Rave my favourite. Summer of Rave Rave Memories Sesh Gremlins
  11. Enlusion

    Basil O'Glue — Kodex EP [Forescape Digital]

    Here's the title track called Kodex, followed by 1999 soon :)
  12. Hensmon

    A.M. - Arise (Hammer & Funabashi Remix) [2006]

    For whatever reason, its the most played Trance track in my library. ISOS 5 Memories. Was there even an original mix? I have no idea. What a beautiful, emotional and uplifting track. Hammer & Funabashi Remix
  13. J

    OUT The Blizzard & C-Systems - Dark Days [Pure Trance]

  14. olivercattley

    Danny Legatto - Perfectly Still [Tranceform]

    When this track arrived with us from Polish producer Danny Legatto we were blown away. After negotiating the aural pleasure of of proportioned acids and intriguing lead sections, it was refreshing to hear Robert Miles style pianos in what can only be described as a truly atmospheric breakdown...
  15. Enlusion

    Coredata — Lark / Theta [Forescape Digital]

    Out now via Beatport, Spotify and Bandcamp!
  16. D

    Daniel Kandi - Child / Nova [2007]

    Another from the Anjuna golden era. Child was my particular favourite as it was just so emotional and uplifting. A beautiful melody made from raindrop keys which doesn't do anything too complicated, just gently lifts you and keeps you floating for the remainder of the track. Takes me back to the...
  17. B

    First release! - Bardak - Wayman

    Hey guys, here is my first release online! would like to share this with you and get some feedback:cool: what do you think about this track? listen on youtube: listen on apple music: listen on spotify : track cover:
  18. T

    Magnus - Velvet (Original Mix) [Perfecto Records]

    It's worth mentioning Activa's touch on this track - very atmospheric and classy.
  19. T

    Coldwired Podcast August 2020 Selection pt III

    If you prefer listening on Soundcloud August 2020 Selection pt III Tracklist: 01. Hypnotised, Dirty R3hab - Inside Your Head (Filip Fisher Remix) [Bow and Arrow Music] 02. Allan McLoud - This Is Now [Bonzai Progressive] 03. Sebastian Schetter - Unconditional [Pro B Tech Music] 04. Moku - My...
  20. J

    Sean Tyas - The Rhythm [VII]

    Out 21.09.20