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Jun 17, 2022
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This set by DJ Phi Phil from way back from 1996 - from Club Extreme at 1 hour 1 minute the groove rhythm follow a "You don't make friends with Salad" and the vocal sample says Slave to the Rhythm.


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Jul 21, 2020
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Update: found it.

It's Utah Saints - Star (Union Jack Mix) ✌️

Yesterday I've been to a trance event with Darren Pearce in lineup, who played an unexpectedly amazing set full of hidden trance gems, incl. Superstition and Platipus stuff.
There's one particular track I filmed from him, which instantly reminded me of Art Of Trance - I'm 90% sure it's him or some other Platipus Recordings artist, 10% - Bonzai Records 😅
It has a "won't you come by" vocal sample in it, if that helps...


Also after a thorough search I found out that Darren played the same track as the first one from his 2007 Sunnyside Up set.

ID - ID (better quality)
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Jan 11, 2024
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There was a fast paced vocal trance track that sounded 2010ish and contained the following lyrics:

Chorus: "Don't [verb] your feelings / Something has to change / [...].

Bass melody progression was something like C, A#, G#.

Will be happy to hear that one again! Thanks in advance.