Mark Sherry & David Forbes - Put The Record On [Outburst]

Mark Sherry & David Forbes
Release title
Put The Record On
Label name
Outburst Records
Release date
Feb 9, 2024
Release type
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Z Dobrej Woli

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Mar 5, 2022
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The Scottish mentalists Sherry and Forbes are back on Outburst to kick 2024 square in the jaw, with their next techno trance powerhouse monster! With 30 years of friendship and touring now under their belts, they wanted to doff their cap to all of the turntablist vinyl DJ's from back in the day, with Put The Record On, a completely in your face festival sized banger, complete with MC vocals, live crowds and rave horns. What more could you possibly want?!



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Oct 5, 2023
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I don't mind Sherry going mental-techy occasionally, not liking this exact effort though. but what's the last time Forbes has released something with actual music included?

all I remember from him recent years are generic techy drop fastfood tunes on WAO138 etc
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