Nostrum - Polaris [1995]

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Time Unlimited – time 034-6
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Aug 23, 2022
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Polaris is my favorite track from Bernd Augustinski (aka Nostrum), closely followed by Brainchild and Trance on Ecstasy. It is also among my top 10 favorite trance tunes. It was first released on the B-side of the EP 4 album in 1995. This track was born in an era when experimentation was at the forefront when it came to electronic music (and especially trance). Thus, it has a more unusual and perhaps richer, deeper sound than one might generally expect from a classic trance record. One way Polaris stands out is that it tastefully incorporates sounds from other genres (mainly acid) to achieve a higher level of emotional impact.

This musical fusion (and also the overall production and artistic quality) ensures that the track has many layers and provides a deep, meaningful listening experience. Polaris is sad and maybe even depressive to a certain extent. It makes you reminisce about past choices you could have made differently, and it makes you remember a time long forgotten that you now desperately wish to go back to. At the same time, though, some of its sounds evoke a sense of curiosity and excitement, a feeling that you are about to partake in a journey through space and go to places where no man has ever been before.

This track describes trance so well. Many great trance tracks are just as sad as they are hopeful at the same time. Melancholy. A key element to a lot of amazing works, for sure.

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'Nostrum' made alot of tracks and maybe only two of his EPs were licensed outside of Germany, so I still think he is a unknown name for the global Trance scene.

Polaris is ok, 'Baby' is my jam.)