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    0552 - Honeymoon Phase - very first hardtrance record

    Hello world! My name is Ihor, I am Kyiv-based dj and music producer. I would like to share my trance single with those who might be interested in. I decided to upload it on my SoundCloud page only as I don't have any significant experience yet and I am going to attract as many fans of...
  2. Altair

    DuMonde - Never Look Back [2001]

    "Hard trance" at its BEST. I'm curious to ask any German-speakers what the phrase is that the vocalist whispers throughout the track (and then sings over the chorus). Never been able to find that in the official lyrics online, and it doesn't seem to be a German translation of the English...
  3. A

    Earthquake - Noxious Guy [1998]

    When I was a late teenager, I used to buy those Trance 100 Best of the Best cd’s. 4 cd’s crammed with a total of 100 edits of trance tracks, making it a wonderful mish mash from the most cheesiest eurodance to progressive stuff. They also included this track from the Italian Red Alert label...
  4. H

    OUT United Trance Division - The Power of Love [Life In Neon]

    Another new track from @unitedtrancedivision 😃 Extended Mix: Super Extended Mix: Early thread of production: https://www.trancefix.nl/index.php?threads/the-power-of-love-preview-authentic-90s-trance-producion.6533/
  5. Altair

    Global Warming - Surrender [2007]

    A little-known cut from 2007, but one that goes very hard IMO. I first encountered this in high school (late 2009-early 2010) on a long-since defunct YouTube channel that posted obscure trance with space art. Many years later I made my own album art for it (using an artwork I found on...
  6. unitedtrancedivision

    RMB – Redemption (1994)

    Another lovely hard trance track from RMB released in 1994. Very fast but dreamy production. Love that intro especially!
  7. unitedtrancedivision

    The Atlex - Forbidden Site (1997)

  8. Progrez

    Pablo Gargano - Everyone's Future (1996)

    Amazing intro hard trance from the 90's. Reminds me of First Rebirth
  9. TheTranceHistorian

    Nostrum - Polaris [1995]

    Polaris is my favorite track from Bernd Augustinski (aka Nostrum), closely followed by Brainchild and Trance on Ecstasy. It is also among my top 10 favorite trance tunes. It was first released on the B-side of the EP 4 album in 1995. This track was born in an era when experimentation was at the...
  10. Progrez

    Mark Bauman Vs. Paul Grogan– Feat Jana - Relentless (Jason Midro Remix) [2004]

    Awesome remix by Melbourne based dj and producer Jason Midro There is also the Paul Grogan remix which sounds almost the same but there are slight differences to the Jason Midro remix.
  11. Progrez

    Das Licht - Trilogie/3 (Club Mix) (2001)

    It also comes under the name Drei as well.
  12. Progrez

    Mind One Feat. Rena - Star For Me (Vocal Mix, Evil Monkey, Pulser Vocal Mix, Mind One Original Instrumental Mix) (2003)

    Mind One Instrumental Mix is something else that melodic breakdown is really cool. Pulser vocal mix Original vocal mix Evil Monkey remix
  13. BS_BlackScout

    Dirt Devils - The Drill (Original Mixes) [2000]

    Here's a recently uploaded gem, apparently filmed in Czechia (if Google is correct) (Evacuation Mix, Short Edit) A - Evacuation Mix: AA - Original Mix: Released on Hard On Recordings. Written by "A. Sabaccini" & "R. Marsalis" aka Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamäki. Vocal Sample by Tony...
  14. sszecret

    DJ Kim - Time and Space (incl. Alphazone, Plasticmen mixes) [2003]

    Released: 2003 Label | Cat#: Waterworld Records | WWR014 Alphazone Remix Plasticmen Remix And here's the original mix, which wasn't part of this same release: The Alphazone remix is, perhaps unsurprisingly, my favorite of the bunch.
  15. starship_universe

    Dub Files - Vol 1 (Alphabet City Progressive) [2004]

    Wonderful EP
  16. starship_universe

    York Feat. Angelina ‎– Iceflowers (incl. Mac Lane Remix) [2005]

    This remix blew my mind back in the day listening to PVD at Jahre Maximal. Still holds up today as a dark banger.
  17. Nerio

    Do you like hard trance? And your favorite hard trance song/producer.

    There are quite a few hard trance songs on this forum, so do you like hard trance? And what is your favorite hard trance song/producer? For me it is Ultraform - Music is movin´ (real name Fabian Kempe from Sweden). Why? He is less known, almost everybody know scot project, Yoji Biomehanika as...
  18. Pinguin

    Jonah - Sssst... (listen) [Smash Trax] [1999]

  19. D

    Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (S.H.O.K.K Remix) [2014]

    Ladies and Gentlemen - this is how you remix a classic Cosmic Gate tune. I believe that this one has around 145 bpm. Here's the original:
  20. Aric3

    Silvertear - So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix) [2001]

    I’ll make my first thread in this section about a song that I really appreciate. This song always lifts me up whoever I listen to it. One of my favorite things about the track is right before the main melody picks up, putting that melody under a deep phaser. I just like that effect a lot.