Old School/Classic Trance Producers in 2020 (and beyond)?


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Jul 19, 2022
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Hermeth - Berlin Sunrise - Breaks, but deffo trance breaks for me on this one. A few others on the EP are great too.

Glen S - IV Dreaming (Hot Mix) - Another release from him. Some of his stuff sounding a bit samey but, still some gems on this one.

HyperionORBIT - Sub7 - Classic trance here, melodic goa/psy banger.
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Jul 21, 2020
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The opening track ‘Odissea’ lays the groundwork for the record to rise, with a cryptic intro which breaks out in a progressive detonation, referring to a late 90s/early00s sound but interpreting the scenario with a modern, actual twist.
Tagliabue - Odissea [Dubblack] April ??, 2023