Robert Miles
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Red Zone
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DBX Records
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Jul 21, 2020
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Amazing track from Robert Miles which deserves more attention.

Part 1 kinda sounds like something Rank 1 and Marino Stephano would collaborate on. Melancholic, dreamy and simply magic - it's my favourite here.

Robert Miles - Red Zone (Part 1)

Part 2 gives me the goa+techy 'Harthouse/Superstition' vibes. The breakdown is different from the rest of the track!

Robert Miles - Red Zone (Part 2)

Part 3 is my 2nd favourite from this release

At 0:23 you can hear a sample from Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation" 1974 movie: "Listen, listen, my name is Harry Caul. Can you hear me?"

Robert Miles - Red Zone (Part 3)

And the last track from release is a vocal-housy one :)

Robert Miles feat. Stefania Noacco - Shake '95

It's a shame this wasn't digitally released - only Part 1 can be seen on some trance compilations, so it's quite costly on Discogs.
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RIP Red Zone part 3 which I discovered late is such a beautiful track.