The Trap Music thread


Jul 13, 2020
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I'll admit, I hesitated a bit because we've already made a few threads for other genres.
Trap has been huge in the past several years, so I think it's worth having a thread dedicated to it.
It comes in several different styles. At times it can feel too commercial or EDM-like, but you can still find a few gems here and there.

From the more "chill" side:

THROVN & Mitchell Martin - Overdose [2020]

TroyBoi - On My Own [2015]

JINCO & Synah - Love is a Miracle [2019]
This one famously appeared in an ad for a gaming chair, and let's say the track itself was as much of a talking point as the chair itself

Relevant Youtube channels:
Trap Nation
Chill Trap
Trap Life
MrSuicideSheep occasionally posts trap music that leans more toward the "chill" side of the genre
Cloudkid uploads electronic music in general, but some of his more famous uploads are trap (like Devil Eyes)

Hip-hop/rap artists have also used trap in their tracks. There are many examples in mainstream music, but one of the best (imo) is more underground: Night Lovell's Dark Light. If you don't mind the swearing, FR3DDY's Night Car Music * Gangster Rap / Trap Bass cruising series on Youtube are really good.

I know trap probably isn't on the radar of the demographic of this forum (it appeals more to a younger, US-centric audience), but if you've ever wanted to check it out this could be a good intro.