TranceFix Best of 2023 - VOTE OPEN! - Thoughts on this year?


Dec 7, 2022
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Got 80% of my vote it just before I head out for nye adventures. Don’t suppose we will have time to add final ones in tomorrow?


Apr 23, 2023
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Shit I totally forgot to do this. Will try and finalize something before the vote ends.

Omformer - Yengo 3AM is likely my tune of the year, and he’s probably going to be artist of the year too. Twyi - Checkpoint (Maruwa Remix) is a killer track as well.


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Jul 13, 2020
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1. Allende - Horizon Painter
2. Enigma State - Transolar
3. HALIENE & Elephante - Hollow (The Thrillseekers Remix)
4. The Noble Six - Astral Projection
5. Mac & Monday - Kara's Theme
6. Stoneface & Terminal - Moonrise
7. Luke Terry & Sonic Element - Andromeda (Luke Terry Remix)
8. Istar Project - Wind of Love
9. SØNIN - Affection
10. Braxton, Jody Wisternoff, James Grant - SpaceTime (Ezequiel Arias Remix)

Best Compilation: Movement: One

Best Label: Borderline

Best Artist: Enigma State
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Jul 14, 2020
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I fulfilled my duty at the end, once again :D . I spent so many hours when that time of the year comes. Going through all the music I was listening throughout the year, and hardly being able to make a top 10, leaving great tracks back.

1. Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer
2. Ovnimoon & The Digital Blonde - Ilumina
3. Binary Ensemble & Soul Lifters - Tones Of Time
4. Narel - What Your Cause Will Be
5. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Reactivate (Solarstone Retouch)
6. Maria Healy - Midnight Oil
7. @Enlusion & Soundbreeze - Starchitects (Original Mix)
8. John Askew - Aces Hi (Extended Mix)
9. Basil O'Glue - Tell Nobody (Original Mix)
10. Robert Nickson - Sundown (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)

Best Compilation: Movement: One - (embarrassing cover) HARD to vote that and not Pure Trance V10, which might have been Excellent, a true 10/10, the best Pure Trance comp ever imo. So complete with 3 different cds, with more quality and energy. But still, I have been listening Movements for longer, I enjoyed it hell a lot, it so close to what we love about trance roots. I wish @Activa could take care the mastering better, all Borderline releases sound kind of more flat to my ears. It's not bad, but for example for me all Pure Trance tracks sound cleaner, from the bass to other details. ALSO FFS, stop using terrible cover albums. This damn (lovely) Black Hole love to release great albums with terrible covers (worst marketing ever by Solarstone with dots titles and covers). Please learn from Anjunabeats!

Artist: Estiva - Hmm, super hard, I have voted the usual suspects before, Solarstone, @EnigmaState etc. This year, if ISOS had been released earlier I could vote for Daniel Wanrooy as well, but he got my attention very late. Estiva had been somehow in my playlist all the time. Colorize releases, Colorscapes 5 mix, very good studio album with even better remixes, What Is Love EP on Anjunabeats with Nostalgia:love: track etc. I think he is worth my vote, even if he is not so active in classic trance scene directly.

Album: Alan Backdrop - Insane World , wow, what a gem, so many different styles, with so many classic trancy elements everywhere. Really rare one album so big can keep my attention, but this is a fantastic journey from start to finish. Super quality electronic music. A real classic gem that will hold its quality for ever. Sad I didn't choose an artist close to our scene, but it is worth my vote more than others. And usually I prefer mixed compilation.

Best Label: hmmmmm Pure Trance and not Borderline because I chose Movement One above. :p
This year, it was the hardest I can remember. The trance scene with all its siblings and cousins, is at the healthiest state I can remember:cool:. So many quality releases all over the place, from tiny labels, to No Label releases on Bandcamp, to big labels keeping the standards very high while evolving.

I know people love underground stuff here, and we even miss some threads for the usual yearly mixed compilations, but imho everyone should give a try to:
  • Roger Shah - Magic Island 12 CD1, omg it's sooooo good. Way darker than usual by Roger, better bass and balearic melodies with good energy. The usual suspects as artist, alias of Roger, Bob Memphis etc. I voted Tone Of TIme to my Top 10.
  • In Search of Sunrise 19 : Markus did a great job with his mix, better than last year for sure! CD3 by Daniel Wanrooy is probably the closest mix I've heard to Tiesto's vibes! Fuck yeah. It's absolutely brilliant. So many great tracks, the mix is great, the flaw is great, oldschool ISOS artist gave their best like JES, Leon Bolier, Jonas Steur, Estuera, Cor Fijneman,JPL, Fonzerelli etc. Terra Incognita, Cielo etc etc, such great productions!!!!! CD3 is 10/10 (I really dislike the cover style of ISOS)
  • Anjunadeep 14 has been one of the best volumes of the recent years without a doubt. Classic. I can't get bored of it. Unique, interesting, the deep house evolves so good in Anjunadeep. Lovely stuff, I listen to it every now and then while I work. (Fantastic cover)
  • Pure Progressive 03, very good work on the compilation mix! (terrible covers :( )
@Hoplite I would vote Mikkel Rev - The Art Of Levitation as best album as well. It is a fantastic piece of art. If the vinyl was cheaper with shipping cost I would have bought it when it was released. You have great selections!

THANKS TO EVERYONE who voted and replied. It will take me 1-2 months to discover everything you shared and most of you listen more underground stuff than me. As last year, I will go through all replies, even though I don't have much time anymore. And thanks to all the staff for the great home you provide us, the love, time and money you give it. Xenforo was the best choice, it has great future and you use them greatly. Congrats!

Happy New Year to everyone!
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Apr 23, 2021
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I hope I get this in just in time but here is my top 25! Great year for trance. Movements was amazing.
  1. The Noble Six - Astral Projection
  2. Enigma State - Waiting For You
  3. Coredata - Geometric
  4. Slam duck - Allure
  5. Avalon 62 - Eneabba
  6. Estiva - Via Infinta
  7. Breakfast - The Answer
  8. Julian Del Agranda - Sueno
  9. The Noble Six - Rings of Saturn
  10. Andre Maier - Citra
  11. Chris Johnson - These Days
  12. Capetown - Tears of Jupiter
  13. Activa - Into Pieces (Apogee Remix)
  14. Definitions & Slipstream - Subterfuge
  15. Sniejder - Dawn
  16. Alan Morrow - Willingness
  17. Enigma State - State of Mind
  18. Adam Nickey - Escape
  19. Allende - Horizon Painter
  20. Lostly - Way Back Home
  21. Luke Terry - Muon (Stripped Mix)
  22. DJ Dazzle - From Within (Activa Remix)
  23. Digital Blonde - Siren
  24. Andre Maier - Es Vedra
  25. Activa - Velika


Apr 23, 2021
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In Search of Sunrise 19 : Markus did a great job with his mix, better than last year for sure! CD3 by Daniel Wanrooy is probably the closest mix I've heard to Tiesto's vibes!

You have really got me interested now! I completely overlooked this years installation. Will try the tunes from your list too.
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Oct 5, 2023
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You have really got me interested now! I completely overlooked this years installation. Will try the tunes from your list too.
Don't get too excited, Markus mix is just boring, he mainly uses Coldharbour artists' records for the mix and these guys just can't deliver the right vibe.

Wanrooy mix is more canonical style wise but the quality of the musical ideas in the records used is rather mediocre.


Jul 13, 2020
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tried to do mine but said voting closed! My bad for leaving it too late lol

Screenshot 2024-01-01 005245.png


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Sep 30, 2023
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I rate this year as 6.5/10 for the taste and scenes I resonate with, which is more mainstream than a lot of you here. It would a much lower score if hasn’t have got the really strong compilations from Activa and Solarstone, which I have a hard time choosing between. Borderline releases grow on me more and I really liked all the Noble Six tracks and Enigma State tracks, two of my favorite producers.

No good mainstream albums is crazy. I feel that maybe next year we will get them. I already saw Thrillseekers is making new Hydra, so maybe that will be an album, as it’s 7 years since his last one.

Here´s the Trance/Progressive/Psy/Goa that i recommend from 2023:

Abdul Raeva - Codeine
Abdul Raeva - Hydra (Tiempo Mix)
Aiden Francis - Future Proof
Air Protection Òffice - Acid Waves
Air Protection Òffice - Surfaced
Alan Backdrop - Cikada
Alan Backdrop - Emotional Chaos
Alan Backdrop - Void Fertile
Alan Backdrop - Vortex
Alpha Tracks - April/02
Alpha Tracks - April/03
Alpha Tracks - November/02
Alpha Tracks - November/03
Artifact303 - Feelings (2023 Mix)
Artifact303 - The Ancestors (2023 mix)
Asphalt DJ - Sonic Endeavour
Asphalt DJ & Gzardin - Southern Expedition
B From E - Symetrix
Biodive - Chinga To C
Bliss Inc. - Mind To Mind
Blush - Main Stage
Clint - Cyber Coral (Tribal Sensation Mix)
Cybernet - Druid***
DOS - Dusk
Ekkel - Brain Drain
Gzardin - Bellpoint
Gzardin - Hobo Shop (Gentle Mix)
Gzardin - Robusticks
Guy Contact - Amygdala Tongue Wobble
Hekkla - Reverse Groove (Manami Remix)
Human Resources - Tra3_E
Hybrid Man - Co-Existence
Jeku - Fixed Gear
Jeku - Transcendence
Jotel California - Nabelmilch (feat. Babyblade)
Jotel California - Slow The Sunset
Laars & Cosmic G - Equilibrium
Laars & Cosmic G - Five Atoms
Match Box - Midnight (Bliss Inc. Remix)
Match Box - Nocturnal Synergy
Match Box - Quantum Transients
Mbius - Mr. Nimbus
Modex - Isometria
Morphic Resonance - Hypnoman
Mortar & Pestle - Girls Night Out In Berlin
Mortar & Pestle - Pound Or Be Pounded
Mortar & Pestle - Wet On Sight
Mtty - Oma the Wailmer
Mtty - Shtüm
Mtty - That's Nonsensical
Papa Nugs - Double Tree
Papa Nugs - Jupiter
Remotif - In the Blink of a Cosmic Eye
Sohrab - Dualism
Sohrab - Silk Road
Sohrab - Transfer Learning
Spray - Q3projz
Spray - VT Trad
Voiski - Raqs-e Qemgeen
YASSCORP - I'm The Problem (Blissdub)

***Track was released on December, 23, 2022 (i don´t care)

I´m also assembling a track list with all genres, including House, Techno, DnB, Breaks, etc...

EDIT: I forgot a lot of tracks. Now updated.
new Cybernet coming via Gestalt Recs v soon :)


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Jul 14, 2020
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Saw this track a few times in the votes. Obviously had my eye caught seeing Underworld as one of the producers. Awesome track!

Dayum, I feel guilty for forgetting this track...

I've heard it a couple weeks ago and thought it was pretty awesome. Why have I forgotten it.
Jul 20, 2020
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hey sorry it's been an hectic end of the year for me (private life wise) and had not enough time to sit and focus/think carefully about what tracks I did like the most of the year 2023.

I've managed to do a 3-parts Essential Mix though (which I will not of course promote here as it would not be fair) which surely sums up some of my favourite tunes of the year in the120 to 138bpm range.

I haven't read all single pages here but I would just mention one name out of the others as a really nice surprise for me, which was Spray.

Along with regular favourites of mine that I've supported throughout the year, I'd probably say Framewerk, Spray and AH Digital (as label) have been the more consisting character of the year, for my personal music taste.
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Jul 20, 2020
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tried to do mine but said voting closed! My bad for leaving it too late lol

View attachment 1883

......and, I'll take this one, as a good opportunity, to thank everyone who has been supporting me and/or my label in the year 2023 too!
All precious feedback received, regardless whether they were good or less good, still, appreciate the time people have spent in listening to own tracks or my label's releases!

PS: @TJY001 regardless whether that's the Original or Meanda/Foxhill remixes... thank you!! 🙏 🙏