TranceFix Best of 2023 - VOTE OPEN! - Thoughts on this year?


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Jun 1, 2021
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Finally cast my votes. I must say that I quite enjoyed this year, at least from a musical perspective. Lots of great releases of the more underground psychedelic sector that I prefer most out of all the Trance sounds currently. I feel like 2024 is going to bring even more of that to the table, which I'm all for.

1. Mikkel Rev - Regrets [A Strangely Isolated Place]
(My favorite Trance-Breaks track I've heard in ages, fucking beautiful, and I'm not mincing words here. The dreamy and melodic ethereal pads, the hihats, percussion and kicks, the Platipus-like bassline. It just blends together so good, it really sounds like someone reminiscing on their regrets but in the form of a bittersweet track.)

2. Lund&Ronde - Deep Sleep [Sacred Interface]
(Am a huge fan of this Danish brother-duo, they play and create excellent music both together and separately. Heard this tune a few years ago and was tirelessly waiting for it, till I finally got it on vinyl this year. The track has everything that I like - intense, rumbling beatwork and progression, dark synths and melodies.)

3. Omformer - 10 000 OHM [Ute.Rec] (So much energy and euphoria and this one, the breakdown is wonderful and reminded me of experiencing some nice sunrises in Latvian summers.)

4. Rambal Cochet - Talpa Lionis [Spacelab]
(a straight-up early 90s Goa track made in 2023, really loved it. Reminded me of early Koxbox productions. The sounds, the progression, and the spirit of true Goa Trance is all there imo. Can't wait to hear more releases from this guy!!)

5. Alan Backdrop - Nootropic [Self-Released]
(My personal favorite off his album Insane World, intense drive, futuristic/spacy, almost dubby synth work, and musically reminds me of some nice moments and personal experiences from this year)

6. Enigma State - Lunar's Theme (E-State Remix) [Self-Released]
(Unexpected surprise, but a welcome one, from Mr. Enigma State, trying a more "underground" sound to great success. Thumping, energetic and very psychedelic, could easily see this get released on labels like Space Trax etc. Hopefully not the last E-State endeavour!)

7. Middle Aged Man With A Machine - 1994 [Self-Released]
(New discovery for me this year, first heard a track of his from a track off a V/A from Tadan's label area127, then sought out the artist on SoundCloud, discovered a variety of solid hardware-produced Oldschool Goa Trance and Psy-Trance. This track is no exception, it is straight up Goa through and through. Highly recommend checking him out)

8. Alpha Tracks - July/02 [Self-Released] (Alpha Tracks had a really good year imo, with switching his focus on releasing monthly E.P.s for the whole year, with each one having various flavors within them, from Fast Techno, to straight up Psy Trance and even slower, deeper dubbier tunes, such as the July Pack. Track no. 2, in particular, is very, very deep, dark and spacy, even old school prog-ish in ways I'd say.)

9. Oprofessionell - Search [Translusid]
(Incredibly patient track, with subtle but very hypnotic progression and build. The pads and the plucks that kick in around 4-5 minutes are just lovely. Really takes you on an "eyes closed" journey when heard live.

10. Alan Morrow - Willingness [Borderline]
(I'm usually not too crazy about Borderline releases, but this one was an undeniable highlight, really took me back to those feelings Gatecrasher CDs made (and still make) me feel. Very Push-y euphoric lead. And a proper bassline too.)

Best Artist -
Rambal Cochet. I feel like he's growing quickly as a producer and we will see a lot more good stuff in the future. But Mikkel Rev, Enigma State, and Alan Backdrop definitely deserve mentions too.

Best Album -
Mikkel Rev - The Art Of Levitation. It was a split between this and Insane World, but I feel like Mikkels album was a full-on journey with a wide variety of tracks, while Insane World was more a compilation of very good tracks.

Best Label -
Ute.Rec despite not having as many releases this year (no spring compilation cd :( ) I feel like musically they still had a decent year, as well as nice releases from their roster as a whole.

Best compilation -
Space Trax: Neo Tokyo.
Despite not having any tracks in my top 10, I feel like the compilation I enjoyed the most based on my personal taste was this one, as it's mostly straightforward underground Psy/Techno. That said I also enjoyed Mala Junta x Amniote, the 127VA002 off of label area127, and the Scandinavian Forest Psy comp Kon2eren from Danish label "Kontoret".
These are ones off the top of my head.

A ton of tracks I enjoyed didn't make the cut, maybe later I'll post some more personal highlights somewhere if I'm not too lazy
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Jun 27, 2020
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Here´s the Trance/Progressive/Psy/Goa that i recommend from 2023:

Abdul Raeva - Codeine
Air Protection Òffice - Acid Waves
Air Protection Òffice - Surfaced
Alan Backdrop - Cikada
Alan Backdrop - Emotional Chaos
Alan Backdrop - Void Fertile
Alan Backdrop - Vortex
Alpha Tracks - April/02
Alpha Tracks - April/03
Alpha Tracks - November/02
Alpha Tracks - November/03
Artifact303 - Feelings (2023 Mix)
Artifact303 - The Ancestors (2023 mix)
Asphalt DJ - Sonic Endeavour
Asphalt DJ & Gzardin - Southern Expedition
B From E - Symetrix
Blush - Main Stage
Clint - Cyber Coral (Tribal Sensation Mix)
Cybernet - Druid***
Ekkel - Brain Drain
Gzardin - Bellpoint
Gzardin - Hobo Shop (Gentle Mix)
Gzardin - Robusticks
Match Box - Midnight (Bliss Inc. Remix)
Match Box - Nocturnal Synergy
Match Box - Quantum Transients
Mbius - Mr. Nimbus
Morphic Resonance - Hypnoman
Mortar & Pestle - Girls Night Out In Berlin
Mortar & Pestle - Pound Or Be Pounded
Mortar & Pestle - Wet On Sight
Mtty - Oma the Wailmer
Mtty - Shtüm
Mtty - That's Nonsensical
Papa Nugs - Double Tree
Papa Nugs - Jupiter
Remotif - In the Blink of a Cosmic Eye
Spray - Q3projz
YASSCORP - I'm The Problem (Blissdub)

***Track was released on December, 23, 2022 (i don´t care)

I´m also assembling a track list with all genres, including House, Techno, DnB, Breaks, etc...
Fucking love your lists, mate


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Jul 14, 2020
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This was the hardest vote ever...

Had to drop some gorgeous tracks from my list.

Best artist: Allan Morrow
Best album: Sleep D - Electronic Arts
Best Compilation: Pure Trance Volume 10


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Jul 17, 2020
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Hey I decided to register here after my good friend @Contraband told me about this place and shared your 2023 track list with me. The music from the underground is where it's at, just like its always been, so it's delightful to see chunks of it appearing in posts from you lot... but god damn finding people who connect with that shit in the real world is impossible, even in a big city like New York. The clubs here just aren't playing the type of trance and house music that is happening in Europe. I'm talking about artists like Maara, Bliss Inc, Mikkel Rev, Adam Pitts, Spray etc. We're alway 5-10 years behind.

Speaking of Maara, she will be the artist of the year for me, just as she was last year. Sure there are quite a few flops from her this year, but have a look around and you'll find her popping up all over the place and her album The Ancient Truth was excellent. Oprofessional/Omformer is second place and Reflex Blue is third.

I will try and submit my tracklist before the deadline
Welcome on board 🙏

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Jul 7, 2020
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The Netherlands
So many tracks left out but here is my list:

1. Pico Boulevard - Society [Forescape Digital]
2. Ovnimoon - Full Moon Dancers [Arlette Records]
3. The Digital Blonde - Spectre [Psyworld Records]
4. United Trance Division - God Of Dreams [TF.R]
5. Alex Starsound, Kul Beens x Paul 94 and Project Dino - Pump Up The Jam Volume ( The Digital Blonde Zero Zero db Mix) [Infused Sound]
6. Standard Form - Europa's Dawn [Sounds of Krafted]
7. Tristan Dior - Circuit Breaker [Forescape Digital]
8. Ki/Ki - To The Vibe (Rework) [S/ash]
9. Enlusion - Amethyst (You Are My Salvation Remix) [Forescape Digital]
10. Omformer - Yengo 3am [UTE]

Tracks now lying on the "cutting room floor" but i wanted mentioned:
Ovnimoon - Escitolatrance
Toxeed - Le Voyage De L'indien
Cape Town - Tears Of Jupiter
Artemis - Emerald (Alpha Tracks Remix)
Lloyd Barwood - Whole New World (Facade Remix)
Narel - Six Moves Sideways
You Are My Salvation - Desolated
Enigma State - Transolar
Vilchezz - Camelo's (Oprofessionell Remix)
Simon O'Shine - Black Rainbow
Chris Oblivion - Lilium

Best Artist: The Digital Blonde (incl. aliases)
Artists watching: Ovnimoon, YAMS, Pico Boulevard, Narel, Facade, Nomas, Ki/Ki and Oprofessionell incl. aliases.

Best Album: -

Best Label: Forescape Digital, this year again many good tracks and the back catalogue still gets many plays here.
Labels watching: Arlette Records, S\ash , Psyworld Records, Global Sect, Borderline and UTE.

Best Compilation: VA / Liquid Symphony - Global Sect.
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Feb 24, 2021
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Very similar voting to me @Hoplite. Regrets also my toty, same for album and Rambal Cochet also my no1 producer

Actually, would be curious to see what @rambalcochet would vote on.

And also @Daysleeper …. After brutalizing the entire scene all year I think it’s time for some positivity and tell us which tracks you landed on in the end
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Aug 4, 2020
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Ahhh man, I don’t listen to enough new stuff to submit an informed or fair vote. I do think Borderline has been great this year though


Apr 27, 2021
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London, UK
Ahhh man, I don’t listen to enough new stuff to submit an informed or fair vote. I do think Borderline has been great this year though
Yeah same applies to me too I'm afraid I just haven't listened to enough new trance this year. I tend not to when I'm trying to write and I've had a fairly prolific year by my standards. Mainly I've only really been into techno this year though
Jul 19, 2022
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I haven't quite thought about the top 10 yet, but I finally narrowed down to a top 100
Best Of
Rambal Cochet - Taking the nutrance scene in the direction I hope for, and I hope more follow suit. Not many others are killing it in the prog space like he is. Excellent. Runner up - Omformer. Runner up - Rigson - Such good ideas coming from this guy, can't wait to hear more. Two weeks should be on this list as well!
Labels: UTE -Continues to be the most consistent and HQ. Runner up: Space Trax
Album: Sleep D - Electronic Arts - Such a killer release. Runner Up: Alan Backdrop - Insane World - A very full release of so many good tracks. A lot of filler too though, so it would be hard to lump it ahead of the very cohesive and well built Sleep D album.
Comp: Space Trax, SPTV04 - Neo Tokyo - One of my favorite releases of the year. Every track is excellent. This was been a weak year for comps in my opinion. Was bummed to see Goddezz drop off the map considering how good their comp was last year.

Top 10
  1. Enigma State - State Of Mind (143bpm) - rare to see something that fits so well with the underground but is still uplifty and bombastic, with a true journey. It's got the layers, the build, the payoff, and the quiet. Well done and well deserved TOTY.
  2. Omformer - Yengo 3AM (150bpm) - Such a beautiful track. A delicious built and an outstanding melody. Not many fast trance tracks pay such attention to the melody, it's a dream of a track.
  3. Omformer - 10.000 Ohm (150bpm) - A much more serious track that Yengo, not quite as melodic, but oh so beautiful in the way it builds.
  4. Andre Maier - Es Vedra (140bpm) - I haven't had a chance to mix this one yet, but it's such a gorgeous track, especially cranked up a few bpm. Such a full melody. My favorite TF.R release this year.
  5. Abdul Raeva - Elemental Warfare (132bpm) - Kind of a sleeper of a prog track. You might overlook this one if not heard in full, and it gets wicked later than expected. Works well a few % pushed up too.
  6. RIGSON - Princess of Disks (Rambal Cochet's 5AM Mix) (130bpm) - Such a gorgeous track. Good to get both Rigson and Rambal Cochet in the list as a twofer. Both have had such a killer year and this track is no exception.
  7. Alan Backdrop - A Space For Love (147bpm) - Surprised to not see this one anyone's list this year so far. Every mix needs a quite break like this track gives. Emotional, sad, but also so euphoric. So many other Backdrop tracks I would have liked to see on this list but it's only 10 of the 989 tracks I bought this year.
  8. Chevals - EuroMadness (Extended Mix) (141bpm) - I really liked this whole release, and this one is so fun. While I generally dislike the whole eurotrance revival championed by TDJ and others, unique tracks like this can add a really fun playful vibe while building energy.
  9. Lux and Tom Place - Moonquake (140bpm) - A very unique breaksy track, with a lot of unique production elements. Such a fun track to play out, and adds some character. Love tracks like this. A-team on this EP is also extremely solid.
  10. Prinze - The Magic Trip (130bpm) - A late add to my list, but I can't get this one out of my head. Such a beaut of a track, and very unique, with guitar, psy synths, and some wicked build. Makes a great intro track as well.
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Oct 5, 2023
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does it have to be all 10? coz I could probably come up with less, and they would be rather too mainstream for TranceFix taste but also too geeky for ASOT type of favorites, something that won't get any other votes than mine so I doubt this would make any difference anyways :)


Jun 28, 2023
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Very similar voting to me @Hoplite. Regrets also my toty, same for album and Rambal Cochet also my no1 producer

Actually, would be curious to see what @rambalcochet would vote on.

And also @Daysleeper …. After brutalizing the entire scene all year I think it’s time for some positivity and tell us which tracks you landed on in the end
Hello man, my favs are Maruwa, Bliss Inc, Von Riu, Ben Ritz, Volodymyr Gnatenko, Shjva, A Strange Wedding, Remotif.

Btw just got a remix from Bliss Inc, a proper banger, in stores next year.

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Sorry Hens, I voted about 5 days ago but I’ve realised it didn’t go through. I voted on my iPhone and it did seem to never confirm voting. It just kept looking like it was loading . I did it twice as wondered what was going on. Is there an issue with voting on an iPhone? @Archon @Hensmon . Il get on to my pc today and do it again. Cheers bud. David Guetta all the way yeah? ! 😁😆


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Jul 13, 2020
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And also @Daysleeper …. After brutalizing the entire scene all year I think it’s time for some positivity and tell us which tracks you landed on in the end
theres no secret tracks or anything. I'd say my top 10 is just a mix of what some have already posted,so theres that..


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Jul 1, 2020
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Top 10
1. Andre Maier & Gosto - Mi Amour
2. Activa - Velika
3. Enigma State - Waiting For You
4. Aerium pres Avalon 62 - Eneabba
5. Liam Wilson - Your Lifetime
6. Hoyaa - Proximity
7. Mellow Sonic - Flashback
8. Spray - OT Rails
9. Lostly - That Next place
10. Factoria - Another Legends Legacy

Best Compilation - Activa - Movement: One

Best Label - Borderline

Best Album - Aerium Pres. Avalon 62 - Paracosm
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Jun 27, 2020
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does it have to be all 10? coz I could probably come up with less, and they would be rather too mainstream for TranceFix taste but also too geeky for ASOT type of favorites, something that won't get any other votes than mine so I doubt this would make any difference anyways

No do a top 5 it makes more sense, and whatever your taste or vote is doesn't matter, there is quite a lot of people voting for more mainstream stuff, even if they dont post it here.

Best Album - Aerium Pres. Avalon 62 - Paracosm

Thank you dude, but this was already voted best album in 2022;)
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Jul 15, 2020
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Sorry for the late one but here's mine. Been quite a cool year and I've enjoyed taking a route around the more deeper and progressive Trance side this year.

1. Marsh Feat. Leo Wood - Fall To Pieces
2. Elevven - Surrender To You
3. Gundamea - Flares
4. Orinoko - Island (Myon Tales From Another World Mix)
5. Alex Sonata & TheRio - Feels Like Home
6. Kay-D - Lambda Code 11
7. Paul Sawyer & Evan Henzi - Downunder
8. Marsh - Hymn
9. Hausman & Lumynesynth - Kenmore (Meant To Be) (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
10. Artento Divini & XiJaro & Pitch - Bad Boys

Artist of 2023 is Marsh, really enjoyed his stuff this year, same with his Endless album.

Best Label, quite a tough choice but have to give it to Pure Progressive this year with the consistency of the releases. Some real gems for sure.

Best Compilation: This one was the hell chooser this year, last year was an easy choice and normally over the last few years there hasn't been many crazy comps for me, but I had 4 to choose from this year and all 4 were so good. I've just given the edge to Anjunabeats Worldwide 11 since it's the one I listened to most and I've really enjoyed Alex Sonata & TheRio again this year, but Pure Progressive Vol. 3, Digitally Enhanced Vol. 8 and Movement 01 were also amazing.

Here's to 2024 and hopefully there's some more great stuff to come in both the more well known side of Trance and the underground stuff too :)
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