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Dec 24, 2022
So, as being stuck with the flu (or is it covid, don't know) for a couple of days I did myself a disservice and torrented a cam-rip of avatar 2.

and its well, Ok i guess? The visuals and worldbuilding are amazing (even from a cam rip) and there's a tried and tested plot of a family trying to survive.

its far better then anything else being churned out by hollywood thats for sure, but defo minus points for me are
- plot could have been a bit smarter, (why not make the humans a bit more morally complex?)
- could do with a lot less unnecessary teenage drama distracting from the whole story
- oversaturating the environment(al messaging) yes, we get it, Whale hunting isn't very morally acceptable and hasn't been for some time now, James...and despite the amount of work the man defo put in the world and CGI (13 fing years!) there's only so much WOWscapes before the thing becomes well...normal and not all that special anymore.

7 out of 10.
I'm just gonna say that even though you gave that movie a good score, holy shit you missed SO MUCH by not seeing it in 3D. I like James Cameron's writing to a point, but that's not why he makes movies - he tries to give people utterly immersive, even out-of-body experiences in the theatre. And just like the original back in 09 (when I was fifteen), it makes you feel like you're on that other world. His ability to create that kind of overwhelming spectacle AGAIN was more than worth the thirteen year wait. I saw it in 3D twice, but I can't go back again because the camera motion in the whale hunt scene was making me dizzy.

I just watched The Matrix Resurrections more than year after it came out, because I finally found a way to watch an HD rip from the Pirate Bay on my TV. And.......to say that it was bewildering and hard to follow was an understatement. Wasn't bad, and I really liked the meta trippiness of the first act, but Rotten Tomatoes said it best: "it's a movie that successfully argues against its own existence". But that's on purpose, since Lana Wachowski was kind of strong-armed into making it by Warner Brothers.


TranceFix Crew
Jun 27, 2020
Yesterday I watched The Gentlemen (2019), a recommendation from my colleague. The disparity between the IMDB rating and the Metascore wasn't really encouraging, but I did definitely like it, it made me glued to the screen for its entirety. Would recommend. Michelle Dockery is hottttt.

Just finished Wind River (2017) again. Fantastic movie, absolutely love the grittiness in Sheridan's works. Some great quotes too. The soundtrack is pretty damn good as well, just listen to this one (until the end).