OUT Various - TRANS012 [Translusid]

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Nov 13, 2023
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Jun 1, 2021
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"We present TRANS12, a fundraiser-release to manifest our support to Palestine and the freedom of their people.

100% of the proceeds of this release will be donated directly to NORWAC, an organisation who has been working with strengthening local educational institutions and health institutions in Palestine, since 1994."

1. Oprofessionell - Search
2. Mikkel Rev - Spiral Brain 08:58
3. Ekkel - Ugle 06:45
4. Mikkel Rev - Vectorial Wave Equation 08:32
5. Repulsive Force - Brainwash 07:24
6. Ekkel - Ion 10:57

Pretty nice surprise E.P. by the Ute crew!

My personal picks are the Oprofessionell, Repulsive Force tracks as well as that first Ekkel track.

Buy link: (bandcamp)

Separate (my fav) samples:


Mod edit: TOTW for Vectorial Wave Equation!

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Vectorial Wave Equation and Ion are proper journeys. TOTW!


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Listened yesterday and it was a solid ride. Donating all profits to Palestine has my respect. Supported.


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Jul 13, 2020
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Oprofessionell - Search, I like it when they did slower/proggy tracks.

Ute (+it's sublabels) is still the best label for me this year.


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Oprofessionell - Search , Mikkel Rev - Vectorial Wave Equation liked it!

same here, the rest sounds very quick made/unfinished ...

'Oprofessionell - Search' is a good standard UTE styled track, nothing really more, but still good 7/10
'Mikkel Rev - Vectorial Wave Equation' yep this one is the best, great atmo 7.8/10
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Jul 19, 2022
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same here, the rest sounds very quick made/unfinished ...

It's like... minimal psy/techno if there is such a thing. While it's ultra-stripped back, it makes for really fun layering of tracks like you can do with Goa. I must say though, I'd love to see some remixes or edits of these tracks where someone just makes a crazy bombastic goa or trance journey with a lot more layering, overarching melodic complexity, and more build. I'd kill for some stems of these tracks to use as a base layer for such fun.

Still, great release. Echoing others with the fav's though I really liked Ekkel - Ion as well. Dreamy ambient DnB, yes please.

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Jun 27, 2020
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Ute (+it's sublabels) is still the best label for me this year.

100% Another great release from them. I hope they take on other producers to their label next year, would be great for more regular releases with their sound.
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Jul 13, 2020
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Overhyped label. Its for people who takes acid snd going to "forestraves" . The music isnt very interesting.


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Haha damn yeah. Honestly he is probably right, but let me say this.... if you have never been to a rave or event like this then its much harder for you to 'get it'. Thats not a cop out answer either...

I remember in 2010 going to Boom Festival in Portugal and at that time I had no interest in full on psy-trance, yet being a part of it and hearing it on a proper sound system was like turning a switch on in my head, and from that point my opinion on that music changed a lot. Cant remember how many times I took people to their first Trance raves during my university years, ones who hated that kind of music, only for them to become full Trance heads after a single night. It's such a common story, and I'd say this type of thing is true for almost every genre actually. Sound systems completely change how music sounds, more than you might imagine, and the vibes just add to it. Dub Techno at home is a chill experience, but listen in the club and those tracks are like monsters, with as much energy created as Trance night. It's literally two different tracks. If you lack the context of experience then your listening wont be the same.

Julian Del Agranda

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I alway skip this stuff. I know some of you really like it. I'm not sure why.

I do really like this type of music for let's say Unreal Tournament games.

"Mo-Mo-Mo-Monsterkill, kill, kill...."