1. Julian Del Agranda

    Julian Del Agranda - El Sueno / Mirage (remix) [Borderline]

    Hello everyone. It has been a long journey for Julian's "El Sueno". I made this track close to a year ago when Activa asked me for a new Julian-original. And I'm really proud of the endresult, as it can't sound more 1999-y. Well, I am no Enigma State of course, but I do think this EP is really...
  2. M

    Off Line – Utility EP [1999]

    🎶 Hidden Treasure Tuesday 🎶 As some might no I have some little obsession for hidden gems, those tracks that really really need more plays. Another mysterious one this week. I actually don't think this is the Off Line 'artist' as mentioned on Discogs, but a release of M.U.S.E. & DJ San. If you...
  3. Archon

    808 State - Invader (incl. Vegas Soul Remixes) [1999]

    I don't often post here, but when I do, it's almost always a random brilliant YouTube recommendation. Vegas Soul (Chris Cowie) remixes are brilliant. Prefer Two. 808 State - Invader (Vegas Soul Remix Two) [also known as Chris Cowie - Invader] 808 State - Invader (Vegas Soul Remix One) 808...
  4. BladeRunner_

    Fourth Inc – Trip To Jülich (Fridge Remix) [1999]

  5. BladeRunner_

    Blag - Kids Go Free [1999]


    Apollo Four Forty - Stop The Rock (Gigolo versions) [1999]

    The first time ever I've heard the 'Gigolo Instrumental Mix' was in Paul van Dyk's Love Parade 1999 live mix, if the date on the video is correct, it was exactly 23 years ago on this day: To be honest, I was never so much into it... Then I was on a 3 days festival this weekend and a local...
  7. sszecret

    Astral Projection - Tryptomine Dream (+ Unbelievable Technology) [1999 / 2001]

    Released: 1999 (Another World) | 2001 (VA - Zeitlos) Label | Cat#: Trust In Trance Records (T.I.T. CD 019) | Waldorf Records (Waldorf Records 01) Tryptomine Dream Unbelievable Technology The reason why I posted these together is because Unbelievable Technology is the ambient /...

    M5 - Celestial Highways [1999]

    Ok... yes, this is not a typical Trance release, or Trance release at all... this is pure Detroit styled, reduced analog music.. thats how I like it the most at the moment. M5 aka Gerald is a legendary Techno producer, I think everybody shoudl know his co-projects like Underground Resistence...
  9. P

    Darude - Rush/Before the Storm (1999/2003)

  10. BladeRunner_

    Tibet Team FFM - Australia (Trance Mix)

  11. BladeRunner_

    Odyssey Of Light - Metal Master (Solid Sleep Remix) [1999]

  12. Uplifted

    Astral Projection - Mahadeva (incl. Remixes) [1995]

    One of the iconic psytrance tracks from the legendary Astral Projection, my favourite goa trance project ever along with Man With No Name. I always considered goa trance as the purest form of trance - and this 1995 version would be still amazing and fresh-sounding after hundreds and thousand of...
  13. Nerio

    Trance Affect - Sueno De Verano (1999)

    Great channel, good competitor to classic trance youtube channel.
  14. BladeRunner_

    CJ Stone - In Your Mind (Quiqey Orginal Mix) [1999]

  15. BladeRunner_

    Blue Planet Corporation - Alidade [1999]

  16. BladeRunner_

    Skyscraper - The Hymn (incl. Mea Culpa remix) [1999]


    Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes [1999]

    This tune was on my mind early in the morning, I really love the 'Re-Worked Clubmix', even it's just a "update" of 'At The Villa People - Open Your Eyes' from 1996. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (Re-Worked Clubmix) Tom Novy Remix for the trance heards The official video The original from...
  18. Uplifted

    Paragliders - Paraglide (incl. Remixes) [1999]

    One of the best Oliver Lieb productions. Personally I prefer Humate Remix, which is simply outstanding. Blue Sky mix is amazing as well - it's faster and has a goa trance vibe. Paragliders - Paraglide (Original Mix) Paragliders - Paraglide (Humate Remix) Paragliders - Paraglide (Blue Sky Mix)
  19. BS_BlackScout

    Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Incl. Signum Remix) [1999]

    You are becoming aware of yourself... As a gaymaster gamemaster. My favorite: