1. Archon

    Schiller mit Heppner - Leben... I Feel You [2003]

    I'll never stop loving this track. I loved it since the first time I heard it. I see it's labeled as trance on Wikipedia of all places. IMO the best mix is this one, so nice, slow and subtle. Singing through the nose by Heppner also adds a specific, nostalgic, sad mood to this. Just perfection...
  2. sszecret

    John Askew - Skylab (incl. Kyau & Albert Remix) [2003]

    Released: 2003 / 01 July 2013 (Remaster) Cat#: DISCOVER06 Original Mix Kyau & Albert Remix I do like the original quite a bit, but the remix remains one of the all time greats. Not to be confused with the annoyingly identical name of the Enhanced comp.
  3. sszecret

    Matt Hardwick vs. Smith & Pledger - Day One (incl. Above & Beyond Big Room Mix) [2003]

    Released: 2003 Cat # | Label: ANJ019 | Anjunabeats Original Mix Above & Beyond's Big Room Mix I know people tend to gravitate towards the A&B mix, which I do like. However, I much prefer the original. There's a bit of confusion re: the release date. Discogs says it's December 2003, the...
  4. Nerio

    Cor Fijneman - Exhibition (2003)

  5. sszecret

    DJ Kim - Time and Space (incl. Alphazone, Plasticmen mixes) [2003]

    Released: 2003 Label | Cat#: Waterworld Records | WWR014 Alphazone Remix Plasticmen Remix And here's the original mix, which wasn't part of this same release: The Alphazone remix is, perhaps unsurprisingly, my favorite of the bunch.
  6. P

    Darude - Rush/Before the Storm (1999/2003)

  7. Nerio

    Precision & The Freak – The Progress (2003)

  8. Uplifted

    Liquinoid ‎- Substance (incl. PPK Space Club Mix) [2003]

    Found out about the original track only yesterday thanks to Lange vinyl set. Amazing track and the only one made by russian guy Kirill Pojev. Liquinoid ‎- Substance (Original Mix) It was released on Uplifto Records and also got a remix from it's owners, famous by their hit "Resurrection". I...
  9. BladeRunner_

    Man With No Name - Broken Promise [2003]

  10. E-DANCER

    Talla 2XLC - Can You Feel The Silence [2003]

    Oldie goldie from my younger days, Depeche Mode cover, produced by Grey & Frost, presented by Talla. amazing Flutlicht Remix, also played by Paul van Dyk back in the days
  11. erickUO

    Audioplacid - Watch The Sunrise [2003]

    Early to mid 2000's uplifter where the breakdown really pays off :love:
  12. Uplifted

    Mike Shiver ‎- Feelings (incl. Remixes) [2003]

    An underrated track from Mike Shiver. Love his stuff. But I have to say Cosmicman's remix is probably my favourite Matti Laamanen creation along with his track called "Live"! Mike Shiver - Feelings (Cosmicman's "Meesah" Remix) Mike Shiver - Feelings (Harry Peat Remix) Mike Shiver - Feelings...
  13. Uplifted

    P.O.S - Remember/Amnesiac [2003]

    Remember has always been one of my favourite Anjuna releases, if not #1. Fantastic work from Paavo from Above & Beyond - his "Gravity" is my 2nd P.O.S favourite. P.O.S - Remember (Summer Sun) P.O.S - Amnesiac Here's a live video of Nitrous Oxide playing "Remember" as my request last year...
  14. BS_BlackScout

    Goldenscan - Of Our Times (Incl. Remixes) [2003]

    First, the Super8 Remix :D, one of my personal favourites back in 2019. OG: Other Remixes:
  15. Uplifted

    Morpheus ‎- Signs / Magnetica [2003]

    Morpheus is a project created by Steve Helstrip aka The Thrillseekers & Paul Mendez aka 1/2 Exposure. 'Signs' is my favourite creation made by Steve, and one of my top 20 favourite ever tunes. It just melts my heart with it's melancholic and at the same time inspiring melody :cry: Morpheus -...
  16. Uplifted

    FX Zone - Synthasia (incl. Nu NRG Remix) [2003]

    My favourite remix from this duo no doubt. Proper emotional 'Alphazone/Flutlicht/SCHOKK' style gem! \o/ FX Zone - Synthasia (Nu NRG Remix) FX Zone - Synthasia (Original Mix)
  17. Uplifted

    Dreas - Sonic Rush [2004]

    Once you hear 'Sonic Rush' you'll never forget it. It pierced my soul.. Dreas - Sonic Rush Dreas - Morning Snow
  18. Uplifted

    Condor - Velvet Dreams [2003]

    Dark & serious tune. Condor - Velvet Dreams (Skylight Mix) Condor - Velvet Dreams (Velvet Mix)
  19. BS_BlackScout

    Paul van Dyk feat. Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You [2003]

    The most known mix: The Vandit one... My favorite (re)-mix of this track by Cirrus as featured in Need for Speed: Underground 2... Also, Super8 & Tab.