1. T

    Your favorite album/release artwork? (any genre)

    Album artwork can be so well done. Kind of miss the days when I would get a CD and open up the sleeve to see the various designs. Vinyl of course still has it, but I cant afford that most of the time. Release artwork in Trance lost a lot of the sentimental or trippy feel compared to old, but...
  2. Uplifted

    Vincent De Moor ‎- Promo Album (Unreleased)

    I just had to make a separate thread for this amazing news. A full unreleased Vincent de Moor album from 2005 was shared on YouTube only 2 days ago, first time in the history of trance music! All thanks to Tim Worth who kindly provided the white label album copy with the YouTube user billski...
  3. Spider-Vice

    OUT Solarstone - Island (Artist Album) [Black Hole]

    Some great tracks in there, including a 2020 update of one of his 90's classics! (Take me on your flight) Coming September 18 2020. PREORDER
  4. Electronlyman

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful (TBA)

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful From his upcoming album Major tune! :love:
  5. Akreem

    OUT Paul Van Dyk - Guiding Light (Album) [Vandit]

    album tracklist: 1. Deep Within – Paul Van Dyk & Vincent Corver 2. Guiding Light – Paul Van Dyk & Sue McLaren 3. You Found Me – Paul Van Dyk & Saad Ayub 4. Exhale – Paul Van Dyk & Shedona 5. Awakening – Paul Van Dyk & Will Atkinson 6. Remedy – Paul Van Dyk & Danny Eaton 7. Parallel Dimension –...