nitrous oxide

  1. Z Dobrej Woli

    Nitrous Oxide feat. Katie Marne - Stay (Club Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]

    Amazing track from Krzysztof; original (prog-breaks was also nice) :)
  2. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Peter Martijn Wijnia & Nitrous Oxide - Sintra [FSOE]

    Interesting collab, first between these two experienced producers :)
  3. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Boom Jinx & Nitrous Oxide - Naga Viper [Enhanced Progressive]

    2/4 of "Breathing" team comes back with another track :) Boom Jinx & Nitrous Oxide presents "Naga Viper" ✌️ 1:43:17 PS. I tried to add YouTube player but it has an error as it's a record of livestream (with "live" in link).
  4. skyriderz

    OUT Nitrous Oxide & Simon Gregory - Black Alert [Mondo]

    Very nice progressive track !!
  5. skyriderz

    OUT Nitrous Oxide & Mac Night - Punch / World of Clocks [FSOE Argento]

    Lovely breakbeat track!! there is another nice progressive track in the release
  6. Mainak

    Nitrorus Oxide - Stratosphere [Oxidised]

  7. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Dreamy & Nitrous Oxide - Meridian [Always Alive Recordings]

    Another fantastic release by N2O and Dreamy. I like it sounds like old Anjuna :D
  8. skyriderz

    OUT Nitrous Oxide & John Rockwell - Amplitude [Oxidised]

    Decent track. From Nitrous Oxide FB
  9. Mainak

    Nitrous Oxide - Eau Rouge [Oxidised]

  10. Uplifted

    OUT Paul Miller - Trance Fever (Artist Album) [Music En Route]

    A brand new 16-track-album from a Polish uplifting genius Paul Miller is out now on his own label Music En Route. I really enjoyed a track called "Razem" which is a collab with Marc van Linden. It means "Together" in Polish and it's absolutely amazing. You can clearly hear that Marc decided to...
  11. Mainak

    Nitrous Oxide - Code Red [Oxidised]

  12. Uplifted

    3rd Moon ‎- DNA/RNA [2006]

    DNA is in my top 10 favourite trance tracks ever. It was made by Krzysztof Prętkiewicz aka Nitrous Oxide and his friend Kamil Bigaj. They've made quite a few tracks together but this one is just another level for me! Also it was out on Profuse which is a sublabel of Somatic Sense, one of my...
  13. Pinguin

    OUT Nitrous Oxide - One Love [Essentializm]

  14. Pinguin

    OUT Nitrous Oxide pres. Redmoon & Jo Cartwright - A World Without Us [Amsterdam Trance Records]

  15. BS_BlackScout

    Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Sunshine (Incl. Nitrous Oxide Remix) [2008]

    A little ghosting here and there but what stands out to me is Nitrous Oxide's remix.