the digital blonde

  1. Z Dobrej Woli

    Synthazia - Lumi [Pure Trance]

    And another premiere from Ricky aka The Digital Blonde and Project Dino, a follow-up to „Siren” that most of you enjoyed ✌️ Catch the world premiere of this track on Pure Trance Radio:
  2. juracid

    00.db - Angels & Demons [2010]

    The golden age of the J00f sound. The first album under the collaboration '00.db' (John 00 Fleming and The Digital Blonde) 'Heaven & Heaven' (2009) was already extremely good but this LP even tops their debut. Yeah, when I think of '2010s trance music" my mind always go straight to J00f...
  3. Z Dobrej Woli

    The Digital Blonde - Synthony [PsyWorld Records]

    As Ricky says: I’m really looking forward to hear it in a full version ✌️
  4. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Alex Starsound - Ivan’s Drago (incl. The Digital Blonde I Must Break You Mix) [Infused Sound]

    I need to say that I totally love a harder kick on this new remix from Ricky ❤️ There’s also a version from Lukee G, more hard trance :)
  5. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT The Digital Blonde & Project Dino pres. Synthazia - Siren [Pure Trance]

    16-minutes long debut of project Synthazia, created by The Digital Blonde and a German producer Project Dino :) A few words from Ricky himself (source: Facebook)
  6. Uplifted

    Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (The Digital Blonde Rework)

    🤫:censored: John 00 Fleming playing Sweet Dreams rework at Trance In The Woods 03/06/2023
  7. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Deestopia - Alchemy (The Digital Blonde Remix) [Pure Trance]

    New remix from Ricky comes in two weeks on main Pure Trance label :) "Only" 13:35 minutes long :D
  8. Uplifted

    OUT PROJECT DINO - Music from Where We Go To (Artist Album)

    I've just encountered this album from a new name for me - Dino Biedermann aka Project Dino. Mr. Ricky aka The Digital Blonde sent it to me and said "It's not me", lol. The first track in this album definitely reminds me of him, it's really amazing. Other tracks from the album are not too...
  9. Sleepy Robot

    The Digital Blonde - Spectre [PsyWorld Records]

    Not as a single but relased in december on a 10 years anniversary VA collection.
  10. BladeRunner_

    The Digital Blonde– M (Original Mix) [2015]

  11. Sleepy Robot

    OUT California Sunshine & The Digital Blonde - Victory [Psyworld Records]

    The original is a bit too empty for me but i like the TDB remix.
  12. Uplifted

    Quench - Dreams (The Digital Blonde Remix) [JOOF]

    Ricky Smith aka The Digital Blonde has remixed one of the trance anthems. It's getting an official release, most likely on JOOF. Here's the video of him playing the world exclusive premiere of "Dreams" remix at Dance Love Hub, London, 8th of October 2022. And here's a longer version - John...
  13. Sleepy Robot

    DR S7R4NG3 - Lucifer [Infused Sound]

    2 new tracks , again very TDB sounding. I really like Daydream.
  14. Uplifted

    The Digital Blonde - Legato 22 / Callakuma 22 [JOOF]

    He's done it again 😍 Ricky Smith aka The Digital Blonde, the creator of NEON albums which are some of the best albums of the last few years, and my personal current favourite progressive trance producer, has decided to rework his timeless classic "Legato" which is my absolute favourite...
  15. Sleepy Robot

    OUT DR S7R4NG3 & Alex Starsound - The 8 Tones (incl. Alice London, Hedustma & The Digital Blonde Remix et al.) [Infused Sound]

    There are 8 remixes but there seems to be no original mix but that's usually the case with these Alex Starsound releases. I mainly like the chapter 1, 4 , 7 and 8 mixes.
  16. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT The Digital Blonde & William Byrne - Last Time [Pure Trance NEON]

    Ricky - solid as always; this time he teamed up with a rising talent :)
  17. Electronlyman

    The Digital Blonde - N3ON [Review]

    The Digital Blonde - N3ON At over three and a half hours, this is Ricky Smith's third and likely, the last installment to the NEON serie. The man himself started producing back in the 80s, his first release being under the alias 'New Egypt'. He has achieved recognition and respect, after...
  18. DazTC

    The Digital Blonde - Legato (2001)

    Definitely one of the best from Ricky 🙌