00.db - Angels & Demons [2010]

Release title
Angels & Demons
Label name
J00f Recordings
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Sep 26, 2023
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The golden age of the J00f sound.

The first album under the collaboration '00.db' (John 00 Fleming and The Digital Blonde) 'Heaven & Heaven' (2009) was already extremely good but this LP even tops their debut.

Yeah, when I think of '2010s trance music" my mind always go straight to J00f Records. Just a golden age for an already dying scene. It was the 'last stand' against fast growing commercialism and sell out producers. And I still loose a tear by thinkg of this little fine movement from Mr Fleming and his J00f crew.

Sadly, these times are over now. Because it's 2023 and J00f is dead - at least, for me.

Nevertehless... Give a listen to this goddamm amazing album! For me, it is the best release in whole 2010 (and the best release of 00.db ever).

I know there are rumours for years now that John and Ricky will team up again under the 00.db moniker in the near future. However to be honest, this feels surreal these days. I don't know what I should think of this in 2023 because meanwhile, their styles are so different to eachother.

So... I still enjoy 'Angels & Demons' until then. REPEAT. <3
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