1. Sleepy Robot

    OUT John OO Fleming & Fuenka - Corruption (Chapter 3) [JOOF Recordings]

    New and probably? final chapter. I think it's solid.
  2. erickUO

    OUT Essco - Thunder (incl. Coredata Remix) [JOOF Recordings]

    Original Mix Coredata Remix
  3. H

    Pablo Gargano - The 4 Seasonism EP [JOOF Recordings]

    Remember Pablo Gargano? He's back, in prog form! Summer Tribe is my favourite.
  4. Pinguin

    OUT Façade - Orewa [JOOF Recordings]

    01. Orewa (Original Mix) 02. Orewa (@Narel Remix) 03. Weta (Original Mix)
  5. Pinguin

    OUT Slam Duck - Weightless [JOOF Recordings]

    Weightless: Fear Of The Unknown:
  6. Pinguin

    OUT Daniel Lesden - Binary Star [JOOF Recordings]

  7. T

    Airwave - Those Silent Hills [JOOF Recordings]

    Quality production again by Airwave. Kinda lacks a main theme IMO. Still decent enough.
  8. Hensmon

    Airwave - Tigris & Euphrates [2016]

    Dubbed at one point by John 00 Fleming as 'the best Trance song he ever heard'. I also found it very special, unique and testament once more to the talent of Laurent. Enjoy! Original Mix
  9. Katadunkass

    OUT Basil O'Glue - Source Memory [JOOF Recordings]

    Tracklist 01. The Earthperiment 02. Out Of The Fog 03. Routine Activity 04. Thoughtform 05. There Were None 06. Ikona 07. Novem 08. The Mercury Project 09. Veil Buy here:
  10. Katadunkass

    OUT Coredata - Wander [Album] [JOOF Recordings]

    Coredata returns, and this time with the wonderful Wander album. A firm nod to the classic Platipus sound. Groovy 303 lines provide a funky affair and it's imbued together with wild goa-esq synths, gorgeous atmospheres, and a feral undertone that is unmistakably unique. Wander through the...