Announcement: Trancefix Recordings - Bandcamp Label!


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Jul 13, 2020
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West Yorkshire,England
Ive just continued working on this original track. I can put a remix pack together if anyone is interested. A really nice old skool Trance melody.



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Jun 27, 2020
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Our first releases will mainly focus on the incredible versatile genre Moombahton filled with reggae and trap. We are also working on creating our very own genre called Middle Ages Dubstep which combines Skrillex and Stephen of Liége all the way up to Mozart. We are currently thinking about talking with Mozarts family, trying to negotiate a deal, but it's definitely not easy.
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Jun 27, 2020
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Meanwhile at Spotify...



Apr 23, 2021
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Awesome news dudes, very best of luck with your efforts. Trance is in the strangest place today and there feels like too many labels, but at the same time also too few labels, who are doing the serious styles at least. There’s space for more is what I’m getting at, as long as it’s specific to styles that are lacking.
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Jul 21, 2020
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Cool idea and good luck!

I have read some bandcamp critique recently by the legend 'Adam X', maybe I try to quote:

Bandcamp looks to be sealing itself in a grave with this move after already selling out to Epic Games just a few months ago. Do they really think labels and artists based outside the USA are going to give the IRS their tax information especially through a third party accounting company as mentioned here. They are truly bugging the F**k out with this move. It's been bad enough Bandcamp has not updated nearly anything on the sight in the past 8 years I've been on it. They attempted to fix their search engine last week and it's still nearly as bad. One should not have to use Google to find music properly on there. You can search all the major online shops and Discogs. Why can't they get it right after more then 10 years online? Their shipping preferences are as awful and labels have to charge more to customers to balance it out. I've written them numerous times and told them the shipping price at post office does not go by unit it goes by weight. A 2x12" with two records is one unit, and a single is one unit. How can both be the same price if they weigh differently. I'm ready to move on. What's next for us music heads?

The following comments comes from a person deep in the industry for 30 years. I can assure you this person has deep knowledge on this subject. This in regards to PUBLISHING ROYALTIES that other music companies pay out on but Bandcamp seems immune to pay out on :
“I saw your post about Bandcamp, they are not the good guys that everyone has been saying they are for years.
They are the only company not paying for full track streams, they even have that app so people can stream tracks anywhere.
They pay no publishing royalties on streams or downloads.
They are making additional money over any other outlet.
No different then Soundcloud did back in the day which got themselves into being a multi million dollar company.
People complain about how little Spotify & Youtube pay, but somehow Bandcamp have gotten away with giving streaming away for free.
Bandcamp's practices need to be exposed and they need to start paying royalties to the publishing societies just as all the other online stores do.”

Just to clarify. Bandcamp is the only major music selling company that doesn't pay PUBLISHING ROYALTIES to societies like ASCAP/BMI/STEMRA etc. Beatport , Juno and other music selling companies also pay out publishing royalties when music is downloaded and streams are made. This is another extra way that artists make a little bit of money for selling their music. Bandcamp is not supporting this. They are raking in a lot of extra money because they are not paying out publishing. Seemingly they are not as artist/label caring as a company as we all think they've been.
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Jul 14, 2020
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This is fucking brilliant! Congrats guys, and thanks to everyone for the great work behind the scene as well the artist that will get featured!

I will support it as much I can! I love Bandcamp.


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Jul 3, 2020
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Not to forget, best use Routenote to publish alongside of Bandcamp to access a load of streaming services in one click. They take like 15% but are a free access point to Spotify and such. Remember, kids dont buy downloads these days anymore.

Bobby Summa

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Sep 7, 2022
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Brighton UK

Hi, im very new to this forum.

I absolutely love the idea of a Trancefix underground record label. I was wandering what is the difference between a underground label and most labels around currently. Does it refer to the size of it or a different ethos?

Ive been searching some of my material and WIP’s, (works in progress)

I found a few interneresting bits ive done.

I had put the original mix (more psche trance feel) of this in a post i did about a different track. But hadn’t realised I’d actually got quite far with a remix that sounds more 90’s classic trance feel i think

Speed Dreamer (mean cut mix)

I didn’t mix or master it, Listening to it I think i might do a slight tweaks to the arrangement, but I actually prefer it over the Original version. I feel it has more energy.

I don’t know if its good enough but if you guys like it let me know, plus any suggestions to improve arrangement or anything.
Apologies as the track needs some eq and hasn’t been mastered yet.

Don’t know if following track I made (which also needs abit of eq etc) is also of interest.

Feel free to listen to both and add suggestions if you feel these tracks have potential.

I’ve listened to the tracks already on the Label and think they are ace!
Good luck with it!
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Jun 27, 2020
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Hey @Bobby Summa thanks for the words. The 'underground' part of the label is pretty arbitrary I guess, but just us saying we will try and focus on sounds that feel more underground (not mainstream). I'll make the cover art look more underground (hopefully) and we'll focus mainly on Bandcamp as the primary distribution site. So yeah more of an ethos than anything.

I like the track you shared above, and the other one you shared in the production section. Your productions do sound pretty nice. I recommend continuing to post your tracks in the other section and we can give feedback. If you make classic sounding stuff that sounds good we will sign it for sure.
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