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Jul 21, 2020
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Brainchild was an alias of Matthias Hoffmann aka Cygnus X. "Symmetry (C-Mix)" was quite a popular track after it got released on Eye Q Records in 1994 along with P-Mix, then the remixes were out in 5 years on Multiply Records. Personally I consider Symmetry as one of the most iconic Eye Q Records tracks, which is my favourite label ever.

Have to say that Lange Breakbeat Remix stands out for me - Stuart takes Symmetry to another level....he takes you on a journey into a different world. Tracks like this only come around once - if you are only getting into trance then this is a track you should listen to as a part of your trance history lesson. The track starts off and builds before the breakdown, the breakdown slowly rises and builds up before the track kicks in fully and finally your in a state of euphoria \O/

P-Mix is also amazing & inspirational - it's my 2nd favourite version. It's unfortunate that P-Mix wasn't included in 1999 release, and it really deserves more recognition.

I'm very lucky to have heard C-Mix live from Ingo Kunzi aka Ayla - he played it in 2017 at "We Love Technoclub" festival in Frankfurt am Main, what an unforgettable memory it was. In fact, Ingo made a cover of this track in 2000 which was called "Singularity (Brainchild II)", released with some remixes.

Brainchild - Symmetry P (Original 12" Mix)

Brainchild - Symmetry C (Original 12" Mix)

And the 1999 remixes.

Brainchild - Symmetry C (Lange Breakbeat Remix)

Brainchild - Symmetry C (Vincent De Moor Remix)

Brainchild - Symmetry C (Mike Koglin Remix)


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Jul 15, 2020
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Great track indeed! FUnny fact is that I knew Ayla's cover and not Brainchild's original!


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Jul 21, 2020
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The rework from Ayla was not the only one, this was more popular in the bigger trance arenas:

Resident Aliens - Symmetry 2000
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Jul 20, 2020
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Lange remix is special, a unique journey in trance breaks. One of his best works.