1. sashamlenik

    Lange - I Believe [1999]

    One of my all time favourites. Tandu's remix is awesome.
  2. Uplifted

    Brainchild ‎- Symmetry (incl. Remixes) [1999]

    Brainchild was an alias of Matthias Hoffmann aka Cygnus X. "Symmetry (C-Mix)" was quite a popular track after it got released on Eye Q Records in 1994 along with P-Mix, then the remixes were out in 5 years on Multiply Records. Personally I consider Symmetry as one of the most iconic Eye Q...
  3. Pinguin

    Lange pres. Firewall - Sincere [A State Of Trance] [2003]

    A: Lange Mix B: Pulser Mix = 💕💕💕
  4. Taurec

    Agenda - Heaven (Lange Remix) [1999]

    My favourite Mix of this Track. Original Mix