1. SaltAcidFatHeatAcid

    Shjva - WAR1209 (Album) [Warning]

    Really excited for an album from one on my fav breakouts from 2023, Shjva. She straddles that line of what is trancey, through deep and dark hypnotic soundscapes. A seriously talented producer honestly, the sound design in her stuff is top notch. Laber promo: ‘WAR1209’ finds Ukrainian...
  2. Recharge

    DJ Recharge - Nature Is Lit

    I am still new to releasing and using Soundcloud as distributor and Bandcamp as an album store, so in December for my birthday present I will release the songs on other platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music and others. I am finding a lot of things as I go. You can listen the...
  3. Archon

    OUT Reflex Blue - Positive Nature LP [Whitvoir]

    Just took a listen to this one today while driving...absolutely loved it!!! One of the albums of the year, currently sharing the #1 spot with Electronic Arts by Sleep D. Wonderful ode to the 90s. All tracks are awesome, but I'll rank my favourites: 4. Overview Effect 3. Paradigm Shift 2...
  4. TheTranceHistorian

    Rising High Collective - Fever Called Love [1991]

    One of the earliest notable works in the trance genre I can think of. I find myself regularly coming back to this one because its melody is so addictive and fun. It's not a pure trance tune but rather a record infused with many elements (acid, breakbeat, house), including a hefty dose of trance...
  5. Electronlyman

    OUT Rom Di Prisco - Spacetime Re-Calculation (Remix Album) [Bandcamp Release]

    Spacetime Re-calculation is a remix album combining modern production and mixing with the classic Rom Di Prisco sound of the 90s. It's a celebration of the past and future of electronic music while staying true to its roots. If you enjoy Rom's work from the Unreal Tournament, Need for Speed, or...
  6. Uplifted

    Brainchild ‎- Symmetry (incl. Remixes) [1999]

    Brainchild was an alias of Matthias Hoffmann aka Cygnus X. "Symmetry (C-Mix)" was quite a popular track after it got released on Eye Q Records in 1994 along with P-Mix, then the remixes were out in 5 years on Multiply Records. Personally I consider Symmetry as one of the most iconic Eye Q...
  7. Hensmon

    Richie Blacker - Summer of Rave EP [Of Unsound Mind]

    More Trance/Breaks/Oldschool music, and just like Trance Wax he is from Belfast. Personally I really like this stuff. Summer of Rave my favourite. Summer of Rave Rave Memories Sesh Gremlins