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Jul 17, 2020
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I've read that the US embassy in Moscow warned Russian officials about the attack ~2 weeks ago. They had some intelligence about there being a potential for an attack on large venues in Moscow, but it was dismissed.

No "flammable" statements yet. IS took responsibility for the attack. 11 people were arrested.

About your possibilities, who would benefit from #1 (besides the war industry)? And for #2, why would they need a justification, and to whom would they need to justify the escalation?
1 the war industry 🤷‍♂️. + there are myriad of forces within nato who’re actively pushing and seeking excuses to go to war with Russia, aside from arms & aid support (macron and Biden just to name two recent ones). Also: that whole terrorist warning note I find just hilarious.

“Hi Kremlin! Your friendly fellow anti-terror CIA here, just lettin you know that there might be an imminent attack in Moscow by an utterly irrelevant Islamic group who’s been dead for 10 years. Now if you’ll excuse us we have a billion in arms to deliver to our allies and your enemies in Kiev”

such generous helpful people, totally nothing shady going on with that.

wouldn’t be the first time the cia used third party groups for destabilisation

2 same reason Hitler needed/ used the Reighstag or Bush needed/used 911. The last Russian “democratic election” saw people actively sabotaging voting ballots. There’s a lot of unhappiness and divide in Russia atm. Nothing like a good tragedy to bring peoples eyes united on target.

Never waste a good crisis, and if there isn’t one, make one.

3 question:
Have you ever seen ISIS jihadis run away after an attack?

And why would beeping IS need payed mercenaries from tzajikistan in the first place?They have an international spread core of suicide ideologues who’re literally dying to get a place in heaven. And why the hell did they have a planned escape route directly to Ukraine? The area most heavily watched, defended and policed by the militairy?

Honestly this doesn’t fit IS’s modus operandi at all. The only reason I can think of them being behind this is that it’s in their best interest to ignite a war between Russia and the west.
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