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  1. Z Dobrej Woli

    Sunda - The Dragon EP [Landscapes Music]

    Another wonderful EP from @Horizons Landscapes Music and both IDs revealed from recent Sunda’s guestmix for TranceFix :) The Dragon 00:00 Mono No Aware 48:42
  2. Horizons Landscapes Music

    Any Music&Social Media Experts?

    Hey music lovers 🤠 I hope this post does not go against Community rules otherwise please feel free to remove it. As per attached banner, I'm looking to expand the label's team. Like I've said via the FB/IG pages too, this is not a "Job" vacancies; if there's a place where people may...
  3. Horizons Landscapes Music

    ALT MODE - Before The Dawn (Original Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hello hello ✌️ ...back again on TFix with another release of my label! 🤠 Another artist making their debut on my label (launching their very first side project under the new Progressive moniker 'Alt Mode') and I must say it was such such SUCH a big pleasure to collaborate with him and have...
  4. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Horizons - Showcase (Spotify Release) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    hey everyone, just realised I did not post anything re: this release of 'mine' on my own label which, in short, is an album compilation of some of my tracks from the last years, which I released on Landscapes Music. Along with the full-extended tracks available Via Beatport, any Spotify user...
  5. Horizons Landscapes Music

    F-ACT - Sonoluminescence EP (Feat. Allan McLoud Remix) [LSM061]

    Hello everyone, here's the brand new release from my label coming from...well you should know them both already for a while as I am truly a BIG supporter of them and am truly honoured to see them trusting my label this constantly. SoundCloud previews: Beatport Pre Order available, official...
  6. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Allan McLoud - Pure Emotional Destruction (3runo Kaufmann Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Beatport banner, kind courtesy of the Deep-Trance Beatport crew: Beatport link: With these Swiss bad-guys you can't go wrong, always delivering tech-floorkiller tunes, while still keeping it enough melodic, imo! The original, for those...
  7. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT The Boy From The Future - The Day You Will See The Light (Foxhill Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hey guys, some of you may like this recent release of my label! 🤠 Following the original idea and the Meanda remix now it was time to give the track a more summer-feel touch and, imo, Sam did it perfectly! 👌 Beatport link: Light Remixed from Landscapes Music on Beatport Extended Preview...
  8. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Horizons - Stranded in Meroe (Extended Mix) [Landscapes Music]

    Hello, back again with first tune of the year 2023 for my label (a 130bpm trance tune for those who wonder). Big news is that it will be BandCamp exclusive before it will hit the usual Beatport/Spotify places. This will be an option that I will offer to anyone who wants to submit their demos...
  9. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Horizons - Alaska (Trance.Com 2023 Remix) [Landscapes Music]

    Brilliant work from @Horizons Landscapes Music under TranceDotCom project ✌️ Out today (19th December 2022) :)
  10. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Dark Matter & Slam Duck - Life Is A Race (Extended Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 054]

    Hello again, on to the next one of my label, the penultimate release for this year! Had the pleasure to sign this cool collab between Dark Matter and Slam Duck! ...Hopefully you'll like it, it's a 100% club filler tune, imho! Support via Beatport...
  11. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Allan McLoud - Pure Emotional Destruction EP [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hello again, after 3runo's single track, now it's time to welcome back again Allan, this time with a lovely, powerful and dark EP! It's now out on Beatport/Spotify/Apple music: Beatport: Pure Emotional Destruction from Landscapes Music on Beatport Also available via: Spotify: Apple Music...
  12. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT 3RUNO KAUFMANN - Senses Overload (Extended Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hello people! Next one coming from my label is a come back from F-Act under his alternative moniker 3Runo Kaufmann! Preview: Extended Preview: Now out on Beatport and Spotify! Beatport: Senses Overload from Landscapes Music on Beatport Thanks to those who will spend some time...
  13. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT The Boy From The Future - Lights Off (Horizons Darker Rework) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 050]

    Hello guys, ✌️ I'm finally celebrating my first 50 releases and wanted to do something special. Official preview is now uploaded on SoundCloud, while already on Promo for some days and it'll be out on Beatport & Spotify from Sept 15th. (Pre-order to start in a couple of days). I know...
  14. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT TRANCE.COM vs Horizons - Belgium 2003 EP [Landscapes Music]

    New EP from @Horizons Landscapes Music on his own imprint ❤️ Get ready for a dose of stunning music ⭐
  15. Electronlyman

    Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix) [Review]

    Thomas has been known for his high quality Trance music, since about 20 years by now. His tracks have been released and played by pretty much most of the giants of the scene, like Tiesto, PVD, Ferry Corsten, AVB, Matt Darey and other main acts. '2v2', 'Alone', his remixes for the likes of...
  16. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix) [Landscapes Music]

    And when I was talking about month of comebacks in April, I was mostly thinking about Thomas ❤️ Catch the teaser of his brand new remix for @Horizons Landscapes Music, release on April 11th ⭐
  17. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Horizons - Dusk Over Puerto Princesa (Narel Remix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Hello again, we've got a few new Trance-sounding releases scheduled (hopefully!) for your ears pleasure, after a few dark-underground progressive stuff. First one coming up is @Narel 's superb remix done to my own track which you can find an official preview of via Label's SoundCloud page...
  18. Horizons Landscapes Music

    Horizons - Pokhara@Dawn (Extended Mix) [Landscapes Music 034]

    Hello again everyone,✌️ here with another release on my own label, this time from...myself. This release is somehow introducing the new music direction my label will be taking, by focusing on "more trancey" sounding originals (which will be for the majority my productions) and giving freedom...
  19. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Meanda - Far Away EP [Landscapes Music 033]

    Hello everyone, for the dark progressive/melodic techno lovers, here's something new recently released on Beatport via my label Landscapes Music. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did: I personally loved seeing how this guy has put 100% of his efforts in trying delivering a unique melodic...
  20. Horizons Landscapes Music

    The Boy From The Future - Hope EP [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 032]

    Hello everyone, long time since my last thread in here, my label has anyway carried on delivering Prog tunes, sometimes Prog House sometimes Prog Trance. This is the brand new one which will be out on March 29th on Beatport, while a Radio Edit version will be available on Spotify/Apple Music...