Earthquake - Noxious Guy [1998]

Release title
Noxious Guy
Label name
Red Alert
Release year
Aug 26, 2023
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When I was a late teenager, I used to buy those Trance 100 Best of the Best cd’s. 4 cd’s crammed with a total of 100 edits of trance tracks, making it a wonderful mish mash from the most cheesiest eurodance to progressive stuff. They also included this track from the Italian Red Alert label. This label seems to be a lesser known label to most trancefans, but they have quite some interesting tracks. Noxious Guy is a very uptempo energetic harder trance track. There is also a harder technb-side, Rave Noiz, which I included to complete the release.

Earthquake - Noxious Guy

Earthquake - Rave Noiz