Eta Carina - Sunrise [1998]

Eta Carina
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Jul 23, 2020
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Hidden Treasure Tuesday

As some might no I have some little obsession for hidden gems, those tracks that really really need more plays. Quite a mysterious one this week. Only 50 copies released, accompanied by a handwritten note. No artist is revealed, the note is stating: "A very special tune by a very special person who has chosen to remain anonymous" Some rumours mention John Graham & Michael Park behind this project, but I can't find official statements regarding that.

Been searching for a record for sale for a few years and 2 months ago I finally succeeded
...a small fortune, but I'm very happy to finally have it in my collection

Eta Carina - Sunrise

Eta Carina - Sunset


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Jul 21, 2020
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very nice share, many thanks, it is the same vocal sample that was also used in 'Watergate - Heart Of Asia', wonder whats the true source of this vocal..
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