progressive house

  1. M

    Eta Carina - Sunrise [1998]

    Hidden Treasure Tuesday As some might no I have some little obsession for hidden gems, those tracks that really really need more plays. Quite a mysterious one this week. Only 50 copies released, accompanied by a handwritten note. No artist is revealed, the note is stating: "A very special tune...
  2. P

    OUT Blanka Barbara - Fractured Heart [JOOF Aura]

    Beutiful atmospheric progressive with mystic cosmic sounds
  3. LostLegend

    OUT LostLegend - Into The Sky EP [Lost Language]

    So this release was originally intended to be 3 separate releases, however there have been a few delays on getting the remix package ready, so we decided to combine the 3 into an EP, with a remix package for the title track to be released later in the summer. There’s a bit of something for...
  4. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015

    Here is - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015, brand new chapter of Between Two Worlds yearly the best compilation series. It's ressurrected Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2015, which was cancelled because of hard changes in my life that year. And now it's done with finest 61 tunes - from...
  5. Vicmarran

    OUT Stoto - System [Save The Panda Recordings]

    Really nice track by Stoto who is mainly a progressive house/techno producer, I encourage you to listen to his latest EP if you like progressive/deep/techno house, beautiful melodic and groovy sounds with incredible production. Continuous EP Mix
  6. Progrez

    Iio - Rapture (Includes Original, Deep Dish, Riva, Paul van Dyk, John Creamer & Stephane K. Remix and Armin van Buuren remix) (2001)

    Beautiful EP All orginal and remixes are wonderful. Ah I miss the days of when the entire EP were really good. The original video contains Gujarati as a language as a sub text. Original Vocal Mix Deep Dish Space Remix Rapture (John Creamer & Stephane K. Remix) (feat. Nadia Ali) Riva...
  7. Tievb21

    VA - In Search Of Sunrise 18 (Mixed by Markus Schulz, Matt Fax and Dennis Sheperd) [Songbird]

    Tracklist Mix 1 - Markus Schulz 01. Markus Schulz - When the Light Breaks in Sarmi 02. Emma Hewitt x Markus Schulz - Into My Arms 03. Will Atkinson - Pipe Dreams (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 04. Kyau & Albert - Falling Anywhere (David Broaders Remix) 05. Markus Schulz x Ferry Corsten - Equinox 06...
  8. LostLegend

    Evolution feat. Jayn Hanna ‎– Walking On Fire (inc. Bedrock/Blank & Jones Mixes) [2002]

    Such a quality piece of vocal progressive. I remember first hearing it on one of the Euphoria mix CD's back in the day. The original is great and the Bedrock Vocal Mix is, as you'd expect, 'rock' solid as well. :sneaky: Not a huge fan of the B&J mix though.
  9. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Between Two Worlds 2021 (27-12-2021)

    Brand new Between Two Worlds 2021 is finally here! 2021 year was very cool for electronic music & gigs & gives us a lot of hits. I decided to make three parts of it - first part with progressive world of electronic music, second part with only trance and third part with non-stop mix of two these...
  10. Aquarium

    [Modern] Progressive House music

    I want to steal the idea from the other progressive thread, but this one is for the modern sounds, which I dig so much. I'm thinking for tracks that are past 2007 onwards. We have so much progressive music today but since 2007 it has become very very hard to find top quality ones. So much...
  11. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Passion Podcast 029 (18-10-2021)

    Today's Passion Podcast episode new tunes from The Digital Blonde (from finest album N3ON), Boris Brejcha, ARTBAT, gardenstate, Genix (from album 199X), second my favourite tune from new Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance Forever albom & second hour full of uplifting trance on high bpm speed...
  12. Enlusion

    OUT Izzet — Abstract Distortion

    Haven't heard such a great progressive track in a while, this one has been on repeat for me for the last few days.
  13. Hensmon

    Travis Jesse - Horizon Here EP [3rd Avenue]

    Progressive House EP, simple and nice sounds. Horizon Here my fav. Horizon Here Earthrise
  14. Hensmon

    Slam Duck - Fly With Me [SkyTop]

    Progressive House/Trance one from Slam Duck. Quite a versatile producer.
  15. JB3ntl3y

    Andy Ling Fixation (1999)

    one of the finest prog tracks ever made. released on my fave prog label Fluid Records.
  16. Hensmon

    Best House/Techno/Progressive/Deep of 2020

    Place to share the best House/Techno and it's sub-styles from 2020 Jody Wisternoff - Andromeda
  17. Katadunkass

    Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft - Tracking Treasure Down [2006]

    Not many vocal tracks stands the test of time for me, but I can never see myself get tired of this wonderful track. Fun fact: This is actually my dads favourite electronic vocal track alongside the duos remix of Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft - Tracking...