progressive trance

  1. Paul Dallas

    YoDA - Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2012 Expanded (27-12-2012)

    Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2012 was the first part of BTW yearly the best comp. series. And it's re-mixed & expanded for 10 years anniversary! Originally it was in two parts - first part in EDM & second in trance. I decided to exclude EDM part because it was replacement for progressive...
  2. T

    Quest - The Shepherd (2004)

    Classic progressive, deep and atmospheric
  3. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Dark Matter & Slam Duck - Life Is A Race (Extended Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 054]

    Hello again, on to the next one of my label, the penultimate release for this year! Had the pleasure to sign this cool collab between Dark Matter and Slam Duck! ...Hopefully you'll like it, it's a 100% club filler tune, imho! Support via Beatport...
  4. Enlusion

    Enlusion — Nautical Twilight / Resilience [Forescape Digital]

    Short videos with the project files here too:
  5. Progrez

    Ljungqvist - Society (Original Mix) (2005)

    Great melodic trancer
  6. Progrez

    Hammer & Bennett - Language (2004)

    Original Mix is just gorgeous with that breakdown. They did a followup track with Beauty and the beast Santiago Nino Dub Tech Mix
  7. Enlusion

    OUT Slam Duck — Regeneration [Forescape Digital]

  8. M

    OUT Standard Form - Emeralds Above You (from Textures Vol. 8 compilation album) [Krafted Underground]

    Gorgeous new Progressive Trance* track from the producer of Tracks In Crimson Dust (which recently had the honour of being Track of the Week!). Part of the Krafted Underground "Textures Vol. 8" compilation. Enjoy! * or Progressive House, if you're Beatport
  9. Progrez

    Vincent De Moor - Pres - V-Lock – Birth Of Light [2004]

    Instrumental mix FTW vocals are cringe IMO
  10. Progrez

    Joost van Der Vlueten - Presents - Seven Senses - Southern Cross (includ remix by Eelke Kleijn) (2006)

    Original Mix Eelke Kleijn Original is so nice Armin played it in ASOT episode 235.
  11. Avitronic

    Avitronic - Some music I have released in the past years

    Hello people! I have an electronic music project that combines trance with other genres, I have released some albums and tracks that I would like to share with you: In this youtube playlist I included the last 3 singles I have released in 2021: Tracks from some older albums: Natural Collapse...
  12. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT The Boy From The Future - Lights Off (Horizons Darker Rework) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 050]

    Hello guys, ✌️ I'm finally celebrating my first 50 releases and wanted to do something special. Official preview is now uploaded on SoundCloud, while already on Promo for some days and it'll be out on Beatport & Spotify from Sept 15th. (Pre-order to start in a couple of days). I know...
  13. Progrez

    Mark Otten & Perry O'Neil - We are not Innocent (2006)

    Mark Otten Mix It has that lovely lead similar to bloodlock and it was an ID back in 2006 when I first heard it on ASOT Perry O'Neil Mix Mark Otten remix for me
  14. Progrez

    The Lounge - Shades/Black Dress (2001)

    Shades Black Dress
  15. Progrez

    OUT Soren Andrews with Sovve - Alter Ego
  16. LostLegend

    Evolution feat. Jayn Hanna ‎– Walking On Fire (inc. Bedrock/Blank & Jones Mixes) [2002]

    Such a quality piece of vocal progressive. I remember first hearing it on one of the Euphoria mix CD's back in the day. The original is great and the Bedrock Vocal Mix is, as you'd expect, 'rock' solid as well. :sneaky: Not a huge fan of the B&J mix though.
  17. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - The Space Between Us I (14-02-2022)

    The first chapter of brand new The Space Between Us compilation series is here now after long work since 2014 year. First part is presenting progressive & psy-progressive dark side of space theme with huge athmospheric tunes from John 00 Fleming, Airwave, Timewave, Basil O'Glue, The Digital...
  18. Katadunkass

    X-Tracks - Plan '94 [1994]

    This package includes three versions of the same track, Plan '94 by X-Tracks - and holy moly what a package. The Voyage Mix is forever immortalized by Sasha & John Digweed's masterpiece Northern Exposure, but don't be fooled by the Chapter 1 Mix either; A FANTASTIC house version with a heave...
  19. starship_universe

    Above - New Day Dawning [2000]

    Euphoric vocal trance classic. Absolutely love the breakdown/buildups on the original version.
  20. TomYelland

    Siskin - Never Alone (Black Hole Recordings)

    One of the best pure progressive tracks I've heard in absolutely ages. Cannot wait to get this!