progressive trance

  1. SaltAcidFatHeatAcid

    Gordy Tsukanov - Opacity (Solarstone Retouch) [2018]

    I remember hearing this for the first time as an ID live in 2017-2018, blew my socks off. It's got such a good intro to mix in slowly, setting up the big breakdown. Love the way it keeps developing after the break as well. Great track here. Right before Solarstone started his great 'age of...
  2. P

    Orjan Nilsen Pres. O&R – Beat Design [2007]

    Timeless classic from Orjan on Enhanced Recordings
  3. Paul Dallas

    Between Two Worlds 2023 (14-01-2024)

    Happy New Year, dear listeners! Here is Between Two Worlds 2023 - brand new part of yearly the best compilation series. Last year gave us very nice tunes & I very happy that a lot of it were in my favourite spacey sound! Prepare for 7-hours journey to the stars! Cue Tracklist: 01. Sunny Lax -...
  4. facade1984

    Deepcry - WorkThenPlay [Prognosis Records]

    After his excellent remix with Narel on Facade's epic release last year... Hey, we've got the gang back together. Deepcry has delivered a cracking track to start 2024 for us. WorkThenPlay is both dark and dirty and bright and uplifting. Some proper heads down grooves with wonderful synth lines...
  5. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Melodic Trancemission 5 (Reworked & Re-Mixed)(31-12-2009)

    Final chapter of my first compilation series Melodic Trancemission, fully reworked in one long mix with nice tunes from 2009 from progressive trance to uplifting & balearic trance. Originally it was in two parts. Hoe you'll enjoy it so far & Happy New Year to you, my fellow listeners...
  6. Horizons Landscapes Music

    Horizons - Haarlem (2 A.M. Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 065]

    Hello again, ...back this time as the one responsible for the last release of the year, on my own label.🤠 The track will be available on BandCamp, for about a month as exclusive. Then, it will land on Beatport/Spotify, Apple Music, etc etc from Jan 12th 2024. 👉BandCamp Link to the track👇...
  7. P

    Lovagi darwave - Mood [Self Release]

    I found nice progressive trance track in classical Coldharbour Label style. Like this atmosphere and miss thats sound)
  8. P

    Benz & MD – Dilation [2004]

    One of my favorite progressive tracks. The highest art, not many musicians can feel music like that. The track has been accompanying me for many years and gives me the same warm, relaxing emotions.
  9. facade1984

    Various Artists - The Remix Album [Prognosis Records]

    It was probably after our third releases when we received a remix pack with the originals that the idea of a remix album first came to us. What about, a bunch of people we've signed, remix other people we've signed. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. So here it is, the first (there will...
  10. Enlusion

    OUT Enlusion & Subtara — Norscent (incl. Original, Heads-down Mixes) [Forescape Digital]

    Early support from John 00 Fleming and Daniel Lesden, who played the Heads-down mix in London 2 weeks ago and people loved it.
  11. M

    Eta Carina - Sunrise [1998]

    Hidden Treasure Tuesday As some might no I have some little obsession for hidden gems, those tracks that really really need more plays. Quite a mysterious one this week. Only 50 copies released, accompanied by a handwritten note. No artist is revealed, the note is stating: "A very special tune...
  12. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Sunny Days 6 (10-07-2023)

    Greetings in summer 2023, my dear listeners! When I only started working on new Sunny Days chapter, I thought - how fast time is going! It's already sixth chapter of it. First part as always with classic trance in summer vibes & hypnotic sound from the middle & end of 2000s. Second chapter is...
  13. P

    OUT Kyau & Albert - Otherworld [Anjunabeats]

    A simple track from Kyau & Albert. But how nice it is to hear pure progressive trance without mainstream techno features.It's like a breath of fresh air against the background of modern releases Kyau & Albert Otherworld (Extended Mix)
  14. Paul Dallas

    Paul Dallas - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015

    Here is - Between Two Worlds Lost Years: 2015, brand new chapter of Between Two Worlds yearly the best compilation series. It's ressurrected Between Two Worlds The Best Of 2015, which was cancelled because of hard changes in my life that year. And now it's done with finest 61 tunes - from...
  15. Hoplite

    Sector 7 - Deep Breath [2000]

    A solid Green Martian release from 2000, by M.I.K.E. under one of his many aliases. Absolutely love the synth work and the drive on the title track "Deep Breath", especially the wavy synths.. Night Stop takes an interesting approach of combining an Airwave-y melody with a slightly Prog-House...
  16. T

    Starkid - Crayons (Incl. Leama & Moor Mix) [2004]

    There are a bunch of versions of this track but Leama & Moors version is easily the best one. I would probably rank this in my top 10 prog trance tracks ever made.
  17. P

    OUT MLiFe - Snowfall [SaberWave Recordings]

    Just a nice old-school progressive trance track
  18. Horizons Landscapes Music

    OUT Horizons - Stranded in Meroe (Extended Mix) [Landscapes Music]

    Hello, back again with first tune of the year 2023 for my label (a 130bpm trance tune for those who wonder). Big news is that it will be BandCamp exclusive before it will hit the usual Beatport/Spotify places. This will be an option that I will offer to anyone who wants to submit their demos...
  19. P

    OUT Ilya Orange - 1995 (EP)

    1995 - classic trance in the style of the old music from the 1990-2000 year. Like this Chill vibes