progressive trance

  1. Pinguin

    Mark Otten & Perry O'Neil ‎- We're Not Innocent [Electronic Elements] [2007]

    Mark Otten Mix Perry O'Neil Mix
  2. olivercattley

    4hr Tranceform Label Exclusive Showcase (28-12-2020)

    Thanks to the guys at Re:Trance who asked me to showcase the label for 4hrs straight! It was a great reminder of what we have collaboratively achieved across a 6 year period. Thank you to all the artists who have trusted your hard work with the seal and of course the people who have been kind...
  3. Enlusion

    Dark Matter — Under the Influence (incl. Girl with the Rainbow Hat)

    Early radio support from Ferry Corsten and Solarstone.
  4. Pinguin

    Hidden Logic pres. Luminary - Wasting (incl. Andy Moor Remix) [Soundpiercing] [2005]

  5. Pinguin

    Yellow Blackboard ‎- Superfly (Andy Moor Remix) [SOG Chrome] [2004]

  6. Enlusion

    Soundbreeze — Invisibility (incl. Serge Landar Remix) [Forescape Digital]

  7. Pinguin

    OUT Solarstone & Alucard - Late Summer Fields (Dark Matter Remix) [Pure Progressive]

  8. Pinguin

    OUT Cramp - RU116 (Cramp 2020 Mix) [Anjunabeats]

    Decent slowed-down BPM update, still prefer the original mix. ;)
  9. Pinguin

    Hawk - Need For Cognition [Anjunadeep] [2005]

    Wicked progressive tune. 2nd release on Above & Beyond and James Grant's former progressive-turned-deep house label back in 2005. Originally focused on progressive side of the old Anjunabeats sound.
  10. Enlusion

    Enlusion — Night Stalker [Forescape Digital]

  11. Pinguin

    OUT Allende - Fate [Pure Progressive]

  12. Gagi

    Starecase - Hopeless [2001]

    What a lovely, lovely track. So simple, yet amazing. Feels so warm and magical. Bring chords back!!!
  13. Pinguin

    The Blizzard & Omnia - Metanoia (Original Club Mix) [Soundpiercing] [2010]

    Ravishing progressive tune. One of my favorite tracks of the decade.
  14. Pinguin

    Departure - She Turns (incl. Markus Schulz Remix) [Electronic Elements] [2005]

    Markus Schulz Remix Original Mix
  15. Pinguin

    Peter Martin pres. Anthanasia - Perfect Wave [Electronic Elements] [2004]

    Oahu Break Dub
  16. Enlusion

    Horizons — The Mind Flayer (incl. Cosmithex, Timewave Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

  17. Pinguin

    Synergy - Hello Strings [Armind / Blue Planet Recordings] [2005]

    Wonderful 11.5 minute progressive trance anthem made in Sweden by David West and Andreas Hermansson (aka Inkfish). Includes remixes from Flash Brothers and Gavyn Mytchel – separate release
  18. Enlusion

    Narel — Baseline (incl. Coredata, Cosmithex, Scanfix Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

  19. Pinguin

    David West & Inkfish ‎- Searching For Substance (Original Mix) [West Recordings] [2007]

  20. Enlusion

    OUT Dreamy pres. Dark Matter — It's Not What You Think EP [Forescape Digital]