Here we go again - personal top 10 (of all time) trance tracks


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Jul 13, 2020
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I posted my top 10 on the old forum, then reworked the list a couple of times. This is the last version, and I don't think it will change. All are tracks that I've either greatly enjoyed or hold in high regard.

1. L.S.G. - Netherworld
2. Union Jack - Two Full Moons & A Trout (Caspar Pound remix)
3. Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar (Three 'N' One Mix)
4. Tiesto - Suburban Train
5. Push - Strange World (2000 remake)
6. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy
7. Transa - Supernova
8. Infected Mushroom - The Shen
9. Chi A.D. - Biocandy
10. Solar Quest - Air Acid Raid (George's All Nighter)


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Jul 14, 2020
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1. Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate Remix)
2. Push - Universal Nation
3. Breeder - New York FM (Van Bellen Remix)
5. Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation (Main Mix)
6. Cass & Slide - Perception (Vocal Mix)
6. DJ Tiesto - A Tear In The Open
7. BT - Mercury & Solace (Reach Out)
8. Cosmic Gate - Mental Atmosphere (Beam Vs. Cyrus Remix)
9. ATB - Ecstasy
10. Airwave - Tigris & Euphrates

PS: I always forget some tracks that I love, cause there's too many!


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Jul 13, 2020
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As we all now, it is impossible to pick only ten favorites, but hey here is my try.

My top 10:

1. Corderoy - Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten Remix)
2. Hydra - Affinity
3. Chicane - Lost You Somewhere
4. Mr Sam Vs. Fred Baker Pres. As One - Forever Waiting
5. Junkie XL & Sasha - Breezer
6. Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Vocal Mix)
7. York - Reachers of Civilization (Rank 1 Remix)
8. Interstate - I Found You
9. Envio - Time To Say Goodbye (Arksuns Filmscape Mix)
10. Above & Beyond - World On Fire

Spare me from the death threats and insults.


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Aug 11, 2021
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1. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Mix)
2. Lamb - Gorecki (Mike EFEX Remix)
3. Forerunners - Lifecycle
4. David West & Inkfish - Searching For Substance
5. Probspot - Midnight
6. Matt Fax - Diving
7. P.O.S. - Remember (Summer Sun)
8. Cultivate - Broken Pieces (Max Graham's Third Street Remix)
9. Ralphie B - Massive (Mirco de Govia remix)
10. Rusch & Murray - Epic


Apr 23, 2021
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1. Humate - Love Stimulation
2. P.O.S - Gravity
3. Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (E-Motion Remix)
4. Sasha - Xpander
5. Smith & Pledger - Day One
6. Rapid Eye - Circa 2000
7. Airwave - People Just Dont Care
8. Spacepanoevers - Stage One (Total Seperation Mix)
9. Ascension - Someone
10. Airwave - Lady Blue (1992 Flight)
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Jul 21, 2020
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01. Humate - Love Stimulation (Lovemix by Paul van Dyk)
02. Borgia - Mandrake
03. Vana Imago - Tesi
04. Aurasfere - Sunrise On Epsilon
05. Illuminatus - Hope (Spicelab Remix)
06. Nova Nova - U
07. Saints & Sinners - Peace (Oliver Lieb Remix)
08. Cygnus X - Positron
09. Resistance D - Skyline (Bytes Mix)
10. Ulysses - K.J's Flight
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Sep 13, 2020
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No order, but these are my alltime favs:
LSG - Hidden Sun Of Venus
Sasha - Xpander
Push - Strange World
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathys Song (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Push - Universal Nation
Extreme Trax - Final Fantasy
Plastic Boy - Silverbath
System F - Out of The Blue
Vincent De Moor - Green Heaven
Ducth Force - Deadline

no newer track in the list, the highest would probably be Anahera (around top 20)


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Jul 20, 2020
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Wheeling out the big guns for the top 10. 👊

10. B.B.E. – Seven Days and One Week (Original mix) [1996]

9. Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Original mix) [1997]

8. Maria Nayler & Tilt – Angry Skies (Terrestrial Vox mix 1) [1999]

7. Tilt and Paul Van Dyk – Rendezvous (Quadrophonic mix, full 10 min version) [1997]

6. L.S.G. – Netherworld (Original mix) [1996]

5. C.M. – Dream Universe (Original mix) [1997]

4. Ayla – Ayla (DJ Taucher remix) [1996]

3. BT – Flaming June (BT and PvD mix, full 11 min version) [1997]

2. Chicane – Offshore (Disco Citizens remix) [1996]

1. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three N’ One remix) [1997]


Jul 19, 2020
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Don't remember if I did post this on old TF, but either way, here goes:

01. Vincent de Moor presents Emerald - Eternity (Forever) [Combined Forces] | 2000
If, gun to my head, I had to pick just a single track, this would be it. Fantastic release from someone who is, imo, one of the most underappreciated producers out there (by mainstream folks anyway). Freejack and Generation X remixes are great too, but it'll always be the original for me (or I guess you could say, it'll be forever :p).

02. Breeder – Tyrantanic (Breeder’s Underexposed Mix) [Rhythm Syndicate Records] | 2000
What is there to say about this that hasn't already been said? Incredible attention to detail and overall atmosphere, a track basically fused with Stage One until the end of time in a lot of people's minds due to that first NE: Expeditions transition. Folks prefer the Slacker mix which fair point, but to me this is superior in every way. And that's the hill I'll die on.

03. Astral Projection - The Nexus [Trust in Trance] | 2002
Taken off their 2002 album, Amen. This one, Chaos, Electric Blue, and a metric truckload of others from AP would probably fill about five top 10s, but I think ultimately, I'd choose this.

04. Fictivision vs. C-Quence - Symbols [In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recordings] | 2003
The lead melody to end all lead melodies. 20 years old this year and still sounds fantastic, as do the rest of the Fictivision releases on ITWT.

05. Super8 & Tab - Suru [Anjunabeats] | 2007
Plenty of classic Anjuna to choose from, like Day One or the Airwave remix of Air for Life, but I think this should be a good enough representation. Great S8&T track, and of course, the prices for vinyl on this are stupid high. I'll get it one day though...

06. DJ Kim - Jetlag (Alphazone Remix) [WaterWorld Records] | 2001
Please acknowledge...

Absolute masters of melodic hard trance or whatever else you want to call it. Alphazone was going to make the top 10 one way or another.

07. Cultivate - Broken Pieces (Goldenscan Remix) [Lost Language] | 2003

This one has quite a long build-up - or as somebody said about an Activa release "breakdown about as long as a Factor B track" -, but it's definitely worth it. Not quite New York FM levels, but great nonetheless.

08. Three Drives on A Vinyl – Greece 2000 (G&M Project Remix) [Massive Drive Recordings] | 2003

Thought to include the original, but then I realized that I tend to listen to this remix a lot more often. Incidentally, this also reminds me of that chuckle-worthy Wunderground headline: Greece 2000 A Lot Better Than Greece 2015 - confirms Three Drives.

09. Tilt - Invisible (Tilt's Supernatural Dub) [Hooj Choons] | 1999

Seemingly the only track in my top 10 from the other side of the millennium, it was originally included on the (still) hard to find third promo LP of Hooj's 73rd release (HOOJ73X). Eventually saw an official release in 2002 under Lost Language, on Disc 2 of the Missing Pieces EP (LOST14R).
Imo, this one without the vocals is so much better than the Supernatural Mix.

10. Push – Strange World (Astral Projection Remix) [Bonzai Records] | 2008

This one's the newest of all, but does deserve the inclusion. Quite far away from the usual AP sound - even has some breakbeat in there - this one's my favorite version of all time for Strange World.

And that should do it for the top 10.

Honorable mentions for Christopher Lawrence - Rush Hour and ATB - 9PM (the German, not the UK Sequential One version, as the former is the one I grew up with). I'm pretty sure that without those I wouldn't be listening to this genre today, so I had to mention them.


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Jun 27, 2020
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05. Super8 & Tab - Suru [Anjunabeats] | 2007
Plenty of classic Anjuna to choose from, like Day One or the Airwave remix of Air for Life, but I think this should be a good enough representation. Great S8&T track, and of course, the prices for vinyl on this are stupid high. I'll get it one day though...
I hate seeing this one because it's an ugly reminder of how good Super8 & Tab used to be


Dec 24, 2022
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Let's see what I can do with a list in no particular order:
  • Arksun - Arisen
  • Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Sweeping Strings Mix)
  • Eco - And We Flew Away
  • Tiësto - Elements of Life
  • Miikka Leinonen - Last Call from London
  • Solarstone - Touchstone
  • Will Atkinson - Numb the Pain
  • VIbrasphere - Floating Free
  • Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights (Oliver Prime Remix)
  • Saints & Sinners - Peace (Breakfast Remix)
  • Thomas Datt - The Love Frequency
  • Cape Town - Challenger
  • BT feat. Jan Johnston - Mercury & Solace
  • Solar Fields - Spectral Nation
  • Andy Blueman - Time to Rest
  • Gai Barone - Mr. Slade
  • Tim Penner feat. Amber Long - Everything to Everyone (Gai Barone Remix)
  • Corderoy - Kyrie
  • Sunny Lax - Miquë
  • Planisphere - Symphotek
  • Airwave - Sunspot 2005
  • Photon Project - Enlightenment
  • Whirloop - Fjäll
  • Aria - Dido (Armin van Buuren's Universal Religion Remix)
  • Airbase - Escape
  • Astrix - I Scream (00.db Remix)
  • The Digital Blonde - Earth Tone
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Aug 23, 2022
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Not necessarily in order, but here is my list. I'm struggling to name more. It's very, very hard to pick tracks out of my 300+ favorites that stand so far above the other ones. These do, however, for one strong reason or another.
  1. Ace Da Brain - Magic Waters [2005]
  2. The Source Experience - The Source Experience [1993]
  3. Andromeda - Trip To Space [1993]
  4. Lange - Follow Me (Lange's Club Mix) [2000]
  5. Nostrum - Polaris [1995]
  6. Malcolm McLaren - The Bell Song (Parks & Wilson Vs. Obscure Remembrance Mix) [1997]
  7. Mystic Force - Mystic Force [1994]
  8. Cosmic Baby - Fantasia (Celestial Harmonies) [1994]
I'm also considering adding one of Sunday Club's masterpieces to this list, but I still feel like they are almost there, but not quite (yet). Maybe this will change after further listenings. The tracks in question are: Healing Dream, Paladian Dawn, and their remix of Art Of Trance's Kaleidoscope.
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Sep 7, 2022
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Brighton UK
No order. But here are some monumental ones im thinking of right now.

Estiva - The Kingdom
Lennox - Flying Amongst The Stars ( very unknown)
Tiesto - Just Be ( the mix on his Just Be Album)
DJ Eco - Light at the End (Martin Roth edit of Lost World Remix)
Arksun - Arisen
Armin van buuren - shivers ( from the ASOT 2005 cd with no vocals)
Ferry Corsten - Anahera
Above and Beyond and Spencer Brown ft RBBTS - Long way from home
Age of Love - Age of Love ( jam n spoon watch out for Stella mix)
4 Strings - Into the night (take me away) the popular full length vocal version.
DT8 Project - Destination ft Roxanne Wilde (Kim Wild’e’s sister)
Comic Baby - Space Track.
Jezper - Requiem
The Mystery - Feel for you (Dub mix, non vocal version from euphoria limited edition )
Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix)
BbE - seven days and one week
Orbital - One perfect sunrise
Orbital - Chime
Sun Electric- Sarotti ❤️( just listen to it, that’s if you’re prepared for an emotional wipe out ) ( don’t say I didn’t warn you)

interesting note/addition
Aphex Twin - Digeriedoo ( not sure this counts as Trance really, but its a 4/4 rhythm ( actually more like 2/4) & it trances me (in a totally different way to anything else)

Apologies thats more than ten. I Can’t decide on ten best ever. I guess this is my 20 that i could think off right now.

Can’t believe i forgot
Humate - Love Stimulation

(one of the trance mixes not sure who by, possibly pvd but on my gatecrasher cd it says its the original, but it isn’t, the original is completely different)
- The strings are probably the most powerful strings I've ever heard in Trance.

incidentally, I listened for first time in a while and I don’t think aphex twin digerdoo is 4/4 beat. 2/4 perhaps. Not sure. 1/4??? Typical of Richard d james to create a mystery lol. Anyone know?
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