Magnus - Render One EP (incl. Render One, Marine Groove, Satin, Sinelock) [2014]

Release title
Render One EP
Label name
Perfecto Fluoro
Release year


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Jul 19, 2020
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Released: 12 May 2014
Label: Perfecto Fluoro
Cat#: PRFLU050


Magnus has been carving his unique blend of trance and melodic psy for some time now, developing and perfecting his use of sublime harmonies alongside the filthy driving acids and bass lines we have come to associate with him.

With this Render One EP, he delivers four killer cuts following on from his debut release on the label Velvet.

These tracks will work well for both Psy and Trance sets. It's peak time with nails but blissfully melodic and truly worthy of being our landmark 50th release. Listening to this EP will Render you incapacitated.

Render One

Marine Groove



As if I was going to let this section be without one of my favorite EPs of the decade. Still a toss-up between Satin and Sinelock for me, even after all these years, but what's important is that the EP has ALL.THE.SQUELCH. The Perfecto folks IMO could not have picked a better EP for the 50th release.
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Jul 19, 2020
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Glad you posted this one. It what got me into Magnus and the whole EP is great. Nice share.

I knew about Magnus because of Velvet, but this is still one of my favorite EPs from him. Had to make sure it was present here. :D
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Sinelock is a much better track than I remember. It's like the dark version of his signature style.


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Magnus has been a top 5 producer for over a decade now. A perfect fucking blend between regular trance and psy


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Magnus 😍. Where is this man today I don’t see many records coming out.