1. sszecret

    Thomas Datt & Magnus - Binary Complex [2014]

    Release Date: 27 January 2014 Label / Cat#: Borderline Music / BORDM038 Original Mix Having posted the last official release from Borderline, I thought it'd be best to also put up BORDM038, which kicked off one of my favorite artwork designs of any label. I remember the redesign being...
  2. Pinguin

    Simon Patterson & Magnus - Evoke [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] [2016]

  3. sszecret

    Magnus - Render One EP (incl. Render One, Marine Groove, Satin, Sinelock) [2014]

    As if I was going to let this section be without one of my favorite EPs of the decade. Still a toss-up between Satin and Sinelock for me, even after all these years, but what's important is that the EP has ALL.THE.SQUELCH. The Perfecto folks IMO could not have picked a better EP for the 50th...