MODERN Euro/Pop Trance, Hands Up, German Trance


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Jul 11, 2020
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Post your favorite MODERN (let's say 2015+, more or less) euro/german/hands up songs (or cheese, as you prefer :ROFLMAO:)

Wait... is this even a thing? you are probably thinking :D

Especially in the last few years, there have been some efforts to revive this old kind of sound, by many different artists and in different guises.

Some of the most famous examples right now are probably Fred Again Feat Romy - Strong [Young] and OUT - Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding - Miracle

But there are also more established names in the genre, such as Pulsedriver, an institution for this kind of sound. He's actually never stopped producing, but lately he seems to be embracing the old sound more and more. They may not be as good as those songs from the early 2000s, but we are definitely in the right direction imho, compared to the (terrible) stuff from the last 10-15 years:

Pulsedriver x Interactive - How You Feel

Pinball & Pulsedriver - Stoned Faces Don't Lie

Pinball & Pulsedriver - Do you feel so right (thread: OUT - Pinball & Pulsedriver - Do You Feel So Right [Aqualoop Records] EP )

Or like DJ Fait, very prolific hands up producer, especially under his Satellite Robots alias:

Other notable mentions are of course Armin van Buuren & Gareth Emery feat. Owl City - Forever & Always, and many of the recent releases of W&W's label Rave Culture (although they are often more towards the hardstyle sound):



Jul 16, 2020
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Pure "ultra-energetic" Rob Mayth sound in this one from 2020

I think all these more cheesy and kinda "hard" (sub)genres (euro-trance, handz-up, happy hardcore, possibly hard trance too), that were popular in early 00s, are on the rise again
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